Sun International Turns To Tech To Improve Customer Experience

Sun International-
Sun International new MVG loyalty programme App

Sun International has used downtime during lockdowns to look at how it can improve and enhance its customer experience.

In addition to introducing a speedy online booking platform, the company has also introduced a slick new App to streamline communication for its Most Valued Guest (MGV) programme.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has catapulted the world into the digital era and has forever changed customer expectations and how we communicate with them,” Anthony Leeming, CEO of Sun International said.

“Our MVG’s are no longer prepared to spend hours trying to access information about the best room rates or to confirm how many points they have to redeem. They want instant access to information and they literally want it at their fingertips. The new App gives this to them.”

The Group’s MVG loyalty programme, which was first launched in February 1994, was the second to be introduced in South Africa and the first to offer free membership. At the time the programme only applied to casino patrons, but in 2016 it was expanded to include hospitality and leisure offerings too.

A lot has changed in 27 years.

Early MVG’s were issued with physical booklets in which their winnings and points were recorded by hand. Rewards were limited to two tiers of players only, whereas now there are four.

Sun International-

In the early years the incentive was access to special parking, whereas MVGs can now use the App to get the best rates at Sun International hotels and leisure facilities, invitations to functions and events, offers to participate in promotions and entry into competitions. They can manage their loyalty points and casino customers can also view jackpots and can see which slot machines have paid out, and at which casino.

“When we first launched we had approximately 10 000 members whereas now we are seeing signups of 12 000 to 15 000 new members a month. Many of our original members are still with us, and one, who is 91 years old now, has assured us he will be switching to our new App,” Leeming said.

“We will continue to use our existing communication platforms, but MVGs who switch to the App will enjoy a richer, more interactive experience in terms of communication, accessing data and access to special activations unique to our App users.

“Most importantly we will continue investing in the App with future release making it more transactional and more enjoyable and useful for our MVGs.”

The App will be available for free download from Apple IOS and Android devices. Android APK is available for older phones.


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