BMW Sales Of Electric Cars More Than Doubled In First Quarter

Over the next approximately ten years, the BMW Group plans to have a total of around ten million fully electric vehicles on the roads. 

electric vehicle
BMW i4

The BMW brand delivered 560,543 vehicles to customers reflecting a 36.2% rise in the first quarter of this year. With 70,207 units sold in the first quarter of the year, the BMW Group more than doubled its global sales of both plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and fully electric cars.

“Our sales performance was boosted by strong demand for our electrified vehicles, in particular. In the past three months, we doubled our global sales of electrified vehicles compared to the same period last year,” said Pieter Nota, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Customer, Brands and Sales.

“This puts us on track to deliver more than 100,000 fully-electric vehicles this year, with at least a million electrified vehicles on the roads in total by the end of this year.”

With the iX3, the i3 and the MINI Cooper SE, the BMW Group already offers a strong range of fully electric vehicles that will be joined over the course of the year by two key innovation flagships: the iX and the i4.

“Our customers are very interested in both of these vehicles. That impressively underlines our perfect planning: the BMW iX and BMW i4 are coming at exactly the right time,” said Nota.

The BMW Group is once again significantly increasing the pace of its electromobility expansion and plans to have around a dozen fully electric models on the roads from 2023.

In the coming years, these will include models such as fully-electric versions of the high-volume BMW 5 Series, the BMW 7 Series, the BMW X1 and the successor to the MINI Countryman.

By 2023, the carmaker will have at least one fully electric model in about 90% of its current market segments.

Between now and 2025, the BMW Group plans to increase its sales of fully-electric models by an average of well over 50% per year – more than ten times the number of units sold in 2020.

The BMW Group expects fully-electric vehicles to account for at least 50% of its global sales in 2030.

The MINI brand is likely to reach this milestone already in 2027. By the early 2030s, MINI will be the first BMW Group brand with a product range that is exclusively fully electric. As a pure-electric global brand, MINI will continue to have a footprint in all major world regions.

Over the next approximately ten years, the BMW Group plans to have a total of around ten million fully electric vehicles on the roads.


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