Telkom Replaces SIM-Sonke With New Data-Inclusive Prepaid Plan, Thola More


Telkom has launched a new tariff plan named Thola More. The new prepaid plan will replace the company’s voice-focused offering – SIM Sonke, effective today to include data and extra SMS and calling benefits upon recharging.

Telkom Thola More is a prepaid tariff plan that offers prepaid customers additional free benefits including data, SMSs and Telkom-to-Telkom voice call minutes when they recharge their account with R5 airtime or more. The benefits apply to new and existing customers who migrate to the tariff plan.

“Essentially, customers be will rewarded with free all-network data, on-net minutes and SMSs as specified in the product offer, every time they recharge with R5 or more,” explained Andrew Dawson, Executive: Mobile Products and Services, Telkom.

All existing SIM-Sonke customers will be upgraded to the new Thola More prepaid tariff plan and will be able to carry over any accumulated and paid-for product bundles upon successful migration.

“The introduction of Thola More tariff plan is in line with our data-led consumer strategy, which is a response to the ever-changing data needs of our customers who challenge us to continuously improve our products’ value propositions to meet those needs,” added Dawson.

“The replaced offering was outdated in the current market conditions and we have observed that more and more, data is becoming a priority in the lives of our customers in addition to minutes; what better way for them to sample our data offering for a holistic experience with our brand.”

1-for-1 Recharge Benefits per recharge value 

The following out Out-of-Bundle Rates apply:  – one of the cheapest price plans in the markets

      • Data – R0,30/MB
      • Off-net voice – R0,69/ minute
      • On-net voice – R0,30/ minute
      • SMS/MMS – R0,50/ message

Free benefits are not transferrable to other users. Recharges under R5 do not qualify for benefits. Customers can change their Prepaid Tariff plan or migrate to Thola More through the USSD, *180#, once every 30 days.


  1. I am so frustrated myself but I think this plan will benefit both the company and the customers. Telkom has been offering to many free B’s

  2. We benefited more from sim sonke but Telkom still remains da most affordable compared to other networks. If they could also fix network issues

  3. Bring back sim sonke tarrif, this thola more isn’t necessary. Yall want people to keep recharging so yall can cover yall debts with us. BRING BACK SIM SONKE TARRIF!

  4. Telkom you used to be my favourite but since u cancel sim sonke…I no longer see no need me nd my family to use Telkom 🚮

  5. I don’t know about the others but if this tarrif had unlimited free calls from 7pm to 7am then we’d be good to go,unfortunately not. So please bring back our Sim Sonke with immediate effect!!!


  6. Im not happy with this new tarrif…. please bring back SIMSONKE😢we are really not happy with this new thing of yours

  7. So disappointed!😐 bring back sim zonke who came up with this idea of thola more??? More like sokola more(suffer more) guys im leaving Telkom done!!!

  8. This is pure nonsense , i am potting my telkom number to MTN . Ayikho phela lento . Data wise telkom is always faulty , I was happy because I was able to call other Telkom for free , but now tseg !

  9. telkom we want sim-sonke back this thola more is shit ..we spend more than we get ..i think mtn its calling us it has best offers when it comes to calls

  10. Dear :Telkom

    We as telkom users are unhappy about what you did, yall shoved all of us to Thola more without even giving us a notice that sim sonke will be no more💔.This is very heart breaking especially during this period of covid sim sonke really helped us to be always in touch with our families and loved ones, and again it’s not all of us that can afford to buy airtime everyday hence sim sonke worked to our advantage because as much as we didn’t have airtime but we always knew that a day wouldn’t go about without us having to communicate with our families n loved ones. Atleast sim sonke gave us a privilege to Atleast recharge once a week. And at least you guys were supposed to notify n not just surprise us. This is just tooo painful in combination with covid it a complete depression we can’t deal. Atleast bring it back n give us a warning of 3 months so we can adjust or maybe bring it back n increase ur prices a lil bit because this telkom Thola more is hurting us more😭💔. Please hear our cries we are deeply hurt. Do something telkom before you lose alot of customers. Please bring it back and maybe keep your Thola more as an additional tarrif. Or bring back sim sonke with some changes like maybe . Minimize the hours or increase your price anything Tha will benifit your favor dooo something. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeee. We are begging you.#pleasehear our cries.. #bringbacksimsonke… We are begging you.

    From :an unhappy telkom client that is about quit using the network.

  11. Good bye Telkom. Sim sonke’s 7pm to 7am was the only reason I remained with Telkom of the last 8 years. You changed my tariff quietly and I will change the provider quietly too.

  12. I’m with the majority on this one. Bring back some Sonke. I need those 7-7 calls, my partner and I are able to communicate freely when he’s on his way back home without having to worry about extra costs. Bring it back!!!

  13. I’m also voicing out to bring back Telkom Sonke. We need reasonable prices as clients that can accommodate poor and students that are coming from rural areas.

    The management must have a review to this one.

  14. This new tariff TholaMore is EXPENSIVE! If it was meant for the same market of SIM SONKE then I’m sorry to tell you guys this but your team got the research wrong. ENTIRELY WRONG!

    Please consider bringing back what worked.

    Ps. If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it.

  15. Please bring back sim Sonke this thola more is nonsense the data is very expensive even the new Telkom deals on mo nice they are just bad to be honest I can’t even afford to buy Telkom to Telkom minutes and talk to my family because of the price ……Please Telkom bring back sim Sonke 🙏🏿

  16. how can Telkom change tariff plans without notifying its customers? I say it’s not on
    Keep SIM-SONKE even without the free 7-7 and we’ll be happy
    Migrating back to my original PROVIDER


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