Buy Now Pay Later on Black Friday

PayJustNow Craig (Left) - Mark (Right)

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) sounds too good to be true, especially as Black Friday and the festive season approaches. There are a number of innovative retail models that have emerged to assist conscientious shoppers that are looking for more flexible and responsible ways to pay.

BNPL financial service providers like are disrupting the retail payment space as they offer shoppers an interest free alternative to costly credit card purchases. This powerful facility, empowers the consumer to conveniently pay for their online and in-store splurges without the burden of Interest. CEO Craig Newborn says consumers are getting excited about the prospects of taking advantage of Black Friday.

“This is the best time of the year for consumers, they can now buy what they’ve been dreaming about and get the end-of-year shopping out of the way.”

“This year the excitement for this massive consumer event has been drowned out by the catastrophic impact of the Corona pandemic. I get shivers thinking about how dangerous it is going to be thrust amongst hordes of shoppers desperate to get their hands on their prize,” he explains.

Retailers also remain under pressure as financially over-extended consumers try to survive the ongoing economic conditions. They are also extending the Black Friday promotions in light of their struggles to keep sales up.

“Already the big players have announced a prolonged Black Friday period hoping to be able to maximise their return from this consumer event” he added.

Newborn says the key is planning. “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. By now you should have started pinning and listing and bookmarking all of the products and brands you plan to score with big savings.”

“Be honest with yourself when you assess the cost of your extravagant purchase. If you are paying for it with credit, how long will it take you to settle it, what is the interest value and is the saving still significant,” he asks.

“This way you won’t fall prey to socially engineered savings and more importantly won’t get sucked into the hyperbolic chatter of the day and overextend yourself. The only thing worse than FOMO is prolonged regret,” he warns. is a source for South Africa’s leading brands with an amazing store directory. Shoppers can find some of their favourite products there, with new stores and products being added every day.

The company represents nearly 500 brands and offers a payment plan where customers only pay a third of the purchase price and the balance over two equal monthly instalments, with no interest and no costs. It helps merchants broaden their consumer base by offering risk-free payment alternatives.

“If you plan to make use of this powerful budget tool, best signup well ahead of time so that you are armed and ready to brave your way through this period. New signups will receive a starter facility that can be used on one order at a time,” he concludes.

This payment option has seen a rapid rise in popularity as more consumers ditch their credit cards. Also, the sudden growth in the sector won’t be slowing down anytime soon.


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