SASSA Disapproves 1.6-million Applicants for R350 COVID-19 Grant

SASSA CEO Ms Totsie Memela

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has disapproved 1.6 million applicants for the R350 Social Relief Grant.

“Over 1 597 127 have been disapproved since the applicants have some or other means of income,” according to the SASSA statement published on Monday.

The agency urged applicants to respond immediately to the SMS received by SASSA and provide their banking details through a secure link.

“This will enable SASSA to ensure payments are processed without delay to all eligible applicants. Citizens are reminded that there is no cut-off date for applications for this special relief grant.  Anyone who meets the qualifying criteria should lodge an application without delay,” said Letsatsi.

Beneficiaries can also check the status of their applications online on or by adding GovChat WhatsApp on 082 046 8553, open chat, type “Status” and Send.

The agency has also paid 116 867 people their R350 Social Relief Grant.

The Government Communications and Information System (GCIS) announced on Monday on its Twitter page:

GCIS Media Liaison@GCISMedia

@OfficialSASSA has kept the promise to pay at least 100 000 clients who applied for the Special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress. By 31 May 2020, 116 867 clients were paid for the Special COVID-19 SRD Grant.

See GCIS Media Liaison’s other Tweets

However, GCIS seems to have forgotten to inform the millions of frustrated jobless people who have applied when they should expect their money to be paid.


  1. This thing is still pending ,why because I don’t have any income I receive,Sassa is playing with us My sent an email from day 1 of submittion not even once ,consecutively

    • I’m suprised when Sassa stated that 1,6 million disapproved applicants, an manage to save R14 million for whom? becaused this money was allocated for people who doesn’t work or getting anything. “Why they saved this money for their department’ it’s either “Pending or shutdown their motor.

  2. Pending? I would love to know why… as I am not working. So, are they only going to payb1 00 000 people?

    • We were warned about such messages pop up because their online service had some issues, I hope u ddnt ask some else for help cz it will ruin ur chances as it’s a scam

      • We were warned against filing anything with username and password bcz it’s a scam, I saw this when I was trying to check my status and the system was offline for sme a day or too… Hope u ddnt ask anyone else to help you with it, myt affect ur chances or cause issues for u “I think” am not sure

  3. My kids have applied the one was approved and the other is pending what is happening coz they applied on the 11 May 2020 already

  4. My status was pending all along but today its not available, how will I know if it’s approved or not. Very confusing

    • System problems you know our government … It happened to me too when I wanted to check, let’s just keep trying mybe it’s fixed now

  5. This is madness to be honest..there us actually no way to know anything…this is SA at its best…probably money squandered already…

  6. The increasing incompetence and negligence of this government is beyond words…painful to live in a country so greedy and heartless. The citizens will remember this.

  7. Is the application to check status not working?? Mine was approved, but from yesterday, the application say not available

    • My application was declined since from 2016-12-15 was my last payment from private company

      Why me why😥😢😭😭😭😭😭😭
      Can you check again I have no income I get Plzzzzzzz 🙏

  8. They paid all recepient of Sassa but struggle to pay covid R350 distress grant. Leave many uninformed, pending, not available, offline eletronic, shortage of staff, we manage to save R14million is there moto. (for whom?)

  9. You old leaders supposed to be on pension,that’s why everything its a mess.take my 350 and buy petrol for your expensive cars

  10. We are played here, it’s still pending and it’s over a month now since I applied. Come next year they will be wanting votes side to side because we’re very forgiving people we will vote for them again, even if am alone I will never vote for them ANC again they can’t fool me once, twice neeh!!!

  11. I think that R350 is a joke because mine is pending for 4 weeks know its look like its not for white people like the food parcels

  12. My application was approved and I provided my banking details so I recently just found out that my bank account has been closed after I have submitted my banking details. I would like it if you can change the payment method for me

  13. I got message today says declined because i hav income i received. Ibut im not working i dont received any income what wrong here .

  14. I’ve just received the message stating that my application have been decline and I’m receiving some income from other sources which I do not know anything about any income because I do not work nor receive money from Nsfas.

  15. Where can we dispute the application outcomes, because i was declined while i meet all the requirements. They say I have source of income…. Please inform us what source of income is….eg, grant, salary etc

  16. i can see your comments though i wonder if SRD is willing to solve all this matters…since no one from their department is replying some of this comments at least for clarity

  17. I applied on the 15th May but when I check my status it says declined and I’m so surprised Becoz I’m not working

  18. I applied for my son and he is getting declined. I know exactly he is not getting any source of income. Sassa must give us a proof of that income so that we can take legal action against those people whose using information for other people to get income. It is fraud.

  19. Mine too is not approve but I have no income i have a small business but because of covid there’s no income it’s really very much unfair that we can’t get the relief cos we really need it and we don’t no why we’ve got questions ant can’t ask anything.

  20. I got message says decline cause I’m registered for PAYE with SARS if I remember I’m not working and don’t even pay uif

  21. i am not happy after finding that my application was decline but i don’t have an income and reason for declining was not given.
    please give me reason!

  22. Can you please help they sent me a massage from Sassa which my mother is being declined because of wrong spelling in surname,so it doesn’t match the ID.They sad I must correct it using website I tried but I don’t get how can I fix it. Please help.I have tried a tall free number but it says network busy.

  23. I am very disappointed with our government system I’m not working for 2 years now there’s no work and I have a family to look after and struggling to do so and the lockdown made it even worse. Now I was decline for the SRD 350 grants it’s really terrible and sad to be let down by the system too.

  24. They said to the is something wrong mybe it’s my name or I’d I must call them or use website but I did all that but it’s not working calls, website nothing n i am not working n i dnt earn any income

  25. I want to know Y my application is pending. My sister used her cell phone number to apply on my behalf. Is that possibly the reason for Pending. My number is 0781840699

  26. I applied for nsfas but last year and when I apply here for R350 it says I receive nsfas which is not true cause I am upgrading my Mark’s at school…I am not receiving any nsfas cause I didn’t go to any institution but here they declined my application


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