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The applications have to keep up with the evolution of smartphones.

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Since the beginning of modern technology in the 1970s, video games have often been sub estimated when it came to the use of computers. Video games have come a long way since they first met the public in 1980s, and some of their amazing advances have made the future of gaming even brighter. In the last five decades, we saw an evolution of PCs, as well as the internet and cell phones fulfilling most aspects of human existence.

The gaming experience was taken out of the arcade and put in your hand. The evidence? Many people chose to come closer with games on their devices. In other words, mobile technology brings classic console users closer to online gaming.

A short history of smartphones

In the last 23 years, smartphones have taken big importance in changing our everyday lives. From checking the weather or the mail to social media, we are using these devices to complete our daily tasks with ease. Since they first appeared, smartphones are in constant evolution to meet our growing needs.

Over time more and more activities moved online, which means that many platforms, including those from iGaming, have added their presence online too. With the change of scenery, these gaming platforms have started to offer amazing game variety.

In 1983 the first mobile phone appeared, which was capable of making phone calls. A few years later, in the ’90s, it came with a foldable keyboard cover and set the standard for the flip phone.

In 1992, mobile phones were no longer restricted to business use. Although it only offered four colours, in 1997 displays came to life for the first time. The first device without an external aerial launch in the same year. The next year they took the first steps towards the first fashion orientated phones.

In 1999, Nokia unveiled a new phone, which was the first device to take advantage of WAP (it means it could access information over a mobile wireless network).

A year later the world’s very first camera phone. In 2002, Sony Ericsson released a phone with a clip-on camera that western markets started to take an interest in.

In the same year, the implementation of 3G happened, which took download speeds up to 2MBs in 2003 with “3” the first to offer the service in the UK. The advent of front-facing cameras in 2003 on devices such as Sony Ericsson meant video calling became possible, but not popular.

Wiping and scrolling replaced the traditional button method of input. LG was the first to bring the first touchscreen to market ahead of the Apple iPhone in 2007. Smartphones have become a central piece in modern life, offering much more than just communication features. In time, the download speeds are increasing and manufacturers are adding new apps to fit with our everyday lives, like health and fitness apps.

The global adoption of 4G vastly improved video streaming and video calling capabilities. To have a better experience with this, the manufacturers were opting to change designs in order to introduce phones with bigger displays. More and more mobile apps have appeared where they added other helpful features.

Ericsson has launched the first 5G service in the UK, and in May 2019, six cities had the service. The fifth-generation network promises vastly superior data speeds and reliability. 5G is capable of boosting ultra-high-resolution video streaming and mobile gaming, where handset design trends continue to push for an all-screen experience.

Mobile applications

The applications have to keep up with the evolution of smartphones. Therefore, from the basic applications from the very first phones now we have many apps, which help our day-by-day life. Even if we are on the move and in need of a map, or simply going out and checking the weather, they have to adapt to the new operating system.

In addition, these gaming apps have become an important part of spending our free time, from PC strategy games where you can make big moves, to phone gaming that is handier. Most of these games are suitable for both Android and iOS, so there is no excuse in not using them.

Nowadays, many PC games like Call of Duty are found on the Google Store or App Store. In addition, we are already very familiar with puzzle games, war games, card games, multiplayer online games, casino table games like blackjack or adventure games. The app stores are full of them and they are ready to entertain us from the comfort of our homes.

Last words

Progress never comes alone. Even though it was a long way from the first phones to today’s smartphones, it was worth the wait. We have to recognize the fact that in the present, smartphones are very helpful regarding our everyday life. All we can do is just be happy and appreciate all the effort that was made, so we can enjoy a bunch of applications, which made our lives easier.


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