Liquid Telecom South Africa Selects Cisco as a Preferred Network Vendor

Cisco technology enables Liquid Telecom to provide the industry with one of the most technologically advanced modern and reliable networks in South Africa

Reshaad Sha, CEO Liquid Telecom South Africa
Reshaad Sha, CEO Liquid Telecom South Africa

Cisco was chosen as the preferred vendor by Liquid Telecom South Africa to replace its core network. The technological advancement enabled Liquid Telecom to advance into the next phase of automation and orchestration, allowing the company to respond to customer demand for extra bandwidth and vastly improved reliability.

According to Reshaad Sha, CEO, Liquid Telecom South Africa, “This replacement cements our position as one of the most technologically advanced, modern and reliable networks on the African continent.  Cisco’s equipment gives our network vertical scalability and is built future-ready”.

The impact of this 100Gbps replacement has provided additional capacity within the Liquid Telecom Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) network. The technological advancements provided through Cisco technology also allows Liquid Telecom South Africa to be able to cater to their clients’ flexible and agile business needs.

“At Cisco, we are proud to participate in Liquid Telecom’s growth through assisting in bolstering its network. Operators and users alike are seeing the benefits of the company’s reliable, cost-effective communications infrastructure. Liquid Telecom is innovating the African telecoms industry and impacting the lives of millions on the continent,” adds Ali Amer, Managing Director, Global Service Provider Sales, Middle East and Africa, Cisco

Cisco is deploying various automation and orchestration solutions to further enhance operational efficiencies and will continue supporting Liquid Telecom’s African operations in creating new opportunities for its customers and team members.



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