Importance of High DA Score in 2020

The importance of domain authority has increased rapidly in the recent span. In the year 2020 as well, it would be a strong parameter to check whether a website is credible or not.

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There are certain parameters which identify the standard of a website. One of the most dependable ones is Domain Authority (DA). This is a parameter for checking the website calibre launched by Moz SEO.  With so many online brands offering similar services, choosing the correct website is a tough ask for any user. It is not humanly possible to check each link and compare it with the other options available. By looking at Domain Authority score, you can determine whether a website is new or has been existing for a long span. At times, websites have an incredible interface to attract users. Even an online brand involved in scams may have a well-designed website so you cannot make a judgement on the basis of interface and design. However, by looking at the DA score, it is easy to decide whether a website should be trusted or not.

DA will be a strong parameter in the year 2020

The importance of domain authority has increased rapidly in recent years. In the year 2020, the same trend is expected to continue.

  • A new website does not get a high DA score immediately. A certain span is needed to establish trust in the minds of targeted users. Gradually, the score increases and so does the SEO rank of the website. Most new websites start with a DA score of 20 and established ones have a high count of 70 to 80. Websites ranked on the first page have a DA score in this range. Having basic information about domain authority helps in preventing substandard links. If you come across a website with DA score of 35 with claims to be the best, you should not trust it.
  • The importance of domain authority is increasing. In the year 2020 as well, it will be a strong factor to check how good or bad a website is.

A high DA score helps website growth

Why do people spend large monetary sums to get websites created? If you check the current practices of buying things, people rely heavily on online purchasing. A brand that has a popular website would generate more revenue than one which relies on physical outlets. A lot of investments are being made for the development of e-commerce platforms. In a conclusive manner, it can be said that a good DA score is mandatory if you want your website to be a successful venture.

Here is how a high DA score would help website owners

No need to worry about traffic rate declining

It is a known fact that websites with a good DA score get ranked among the top links. Hence, most people automatically visit them. For instance, consider that a user is seeking the best online advertising services. He would obviously click one of the links on the first page. These websites would be the ones offering the best online advertising services. They would be ranked on the first page due to a high DA score. Hence, it can be said that a good DA score helps in improving the rate of traffic.

High business profits and improved sales results

There is no reason to run an online selling website if you are not attaining revenues from it. It is a fact that websites with low DA scores do not generate high sales volumes. The reason is very simple. These websites do not have high SEO ranks due to which they are placed after the first page of results. Most people simply do not bother to go beyond the first page. Hence, these online brands fail to generate good revenues.

The credibility and trust factors

Can you trust every website on the internet? This is not the case since a lot of people get scammed every now and then. How can a use judge whether a website is trustworthy or not? It is not possible to judge how good or bad a website is by the look at its layout or colour combination. The DA score is a key measure of checking the credibility of a website.

  • It takes a considerable time span for new websites to get an attractive DA score. They start with the lowest benchmark (DA score of 20). Gradually, when the websites start delivering quality results, its score starts to increase. A reputed one which has experience in this domain would have a score of 70 to 75 or more.
  • Website visitors are very smart these days. They check the DA score whenever they visit a new website. This protects them from scams and illegitimate activities. If the DA score is low, it is not necessary that concerned brand is involved in scams. However, it is hard to believe that an online brand has been operating from 10 years and has a DA score of 20.
  • Financial frauds are very common these days. People swipe their credit cards on substandard domains and end up using the limit. If you are considering a new website to carry out a monetary transaction, check the DA score. Trusting a link with a low domain authority score can be a risk. Users should always remember that established websites always have a high score (70 or more). In a nutshell, people do not find any problems in trusting website with scores in the high range. 


The importance of domain authority has increased rapidly in the recent span. In the year 2020 as well, it would be a strong parameter to check whether a website is credible or not. For customers going through a new website, this is a critical factor. If a particular website has a good DA score, you can be sure about not facing frauds.

Checking the DA score is not a hassle and there are various free tools present online for this purpose such as These tools do not been to installed on the device memory and can be used directly. Dependable ones provide uses with the correct DA score of the website.


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