X-SCOOTER LOM To Launch on Kickstarter To Revolutionize Everyday Travel

"We are confident that LOM will step-change our travel time into something more fun, convenient, and meaningful."


Glafit, a Japanese mobility startup company, today is launching the Micro mobility scooter – X-SCOOTER “Last One Mile (LOM) crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Having been involved in the automobile industry for more than 15 years, glafit had always wanted to launch a fun & exciting vehicle that fits people’s modern lifestyle.

In 2017 May, the startup launched its first product, Hybrid Bike GFR-01, on a Japanese crowdfunding platform and set an all-time record for the amount raised with over $1.2 million (R18 million).

“We have continued our development to launch our second product, X-SCOOTER LOM, in the global market through Kickstarter,” the company said in a statement.

“We are confident that LOM will step-change our travel time into something more fun, convenient, and meaningful. We see every one of you as partners, to revolutionize the future of mobility. We are both confident and ready to bring this revolution to life.”

The startup added that “We are thrilled to introduce our latest product, LOM, which will bring joy, convenience and safety to your everyday “end-to-end” mobility.”

LOM is the perfect solution for our current day-to-day mobility, said glafit.

LOM is 100% electric-powered, and always deliver door-to-door ride experience to solve all our transportation concerns from crowded subways to traffic jams, finding parking spots, wait time etc, it added.

X-SCOOTER LOM is new standing-type mobility.

The ride experience has some aspects of riding a motorcycle, as well as skiing. 12-inch front & 10-inch back pneumatic tire architectural design brings unparallel stability & agility to the ride, assuring a consistent ride experience across many surfaces and types of

Smart Features
It comes with a designated app that provides comprehensive operation from vehicle connection, activation, and even key code sharing with family and friends to support the everyday fun ride come to life anytime.

The app also provides just-in-time, accurate access to vehicle status, such as remaining battery life and traveling distance.

Battery available in two sizes
40km range with standard battery pack, and 60km range with an optional large battery pack. USB port equipped for smartphone battery charging. Collaboration with Panasonic on the latest BMS (Battery Management System) module

One-touch folding & Easy to carry
The one-touch folding architecture allows easy one-hand carry & storage for almost any occasions

Connectable to carts (optional)
LOM can run with connectable mini-trailers. Convenient for both business and personal settings.




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