Virtual Reality Online Casinos Are Changing the Way People Gamble

The sky is limit, and even though virtual reality casino gaming is in its early stages right now, you can bet that that will change significantly over the next 20 years.

Virtual Reality Online Casinos
Virtual Reality Online Casinos

When you think of a Las Vegas casino your brain will most likely recreate images of dazzling lights, rotating roulette wheels, and blackjack tables surrounded by gamblers dressed in stylish casino outfits – but do you feel the same way when you think about an online casino? Probably not. After all, online gaming sites, though fun, have never been a fitting substitute for the thrill you feel after stepping onto the Las Vegas strip – but with virtual reality online casinos, that could soon change!

What is a Virtual Reality Online Casino?

As technology develops, virtual reality is finally finding its way out of the big screens of science fiction films and into the lives of many people across the world. We’ve already seen examples of VR in things like 3D cinemas and PlayStation Gaming, and now it’s started to make its way into the world of online gambling, too.

Just imagine, what if you were able to take all that excitement you feel from playing blackjack at a real-life casino with you wherever you go? Well, that is precisely what virtual reality online gambling casinos are attempting to achieve, taking online gambling as we know it to the next evolutionary level and changing the way people gamble forever.

How do Virtual Reality Online Casinos Work?

As of now, virtual online casino developers like BETON VR create games by producing high-resolution images of the casino floors and gaming table/slots that are then projected into a VR headset that is attached to the players face. During this virtual reality gambling experience, the player is completely immersed in a virtual world that they can explore freely without being disturbed by the everyday reality outside.

Unlike a standard online casino where the people play games via an application or in an open browser window, this new style of virtual reality gaming succeeds in immersing the player fully into the casino world.

 What types of Virtual Reality Online Casino Games are available?

  • VR Slots – Online slots are currently the most popular type of game played at online casinos, so it makes sense that virtual reality slots would be the first on our list. In these slot games, players can enjoy all of the bright colors and exciting themes, along with all the thrills that come from playing real-life slots, entirely without distraction and from the comfort of their own homes.
  • VR Blackjack – This is perfect for fans of the old casino favorite. Virtual reality blackjack opens up a whole new world of opportunity that takes the classic game and brings it into the 21st century with a bang. When played with a VR headset, players can fully submerge themselves into each game, with all of their senses activated (and fooled) into thinking they are playing at a real-life casino. Classic cocktails, however, are not included as part of the simulation…. but perhaps one day (with a little luck) they will be!
  • VR Roulette – Next on the list is another classic that no respectable casino would ever be without. With virtual reality Roulette, users can step right into a real-life casino and test their luck on that wheel of fortune without ever having to leave the house. This way, everybody in the world can experience the thrill of winning at top Las Vegas casinos no matter the distance, time, or space.

When can we play at Virtual Reality Casinos?

Technically, anyone can start playing at online casinos right now – providing they have all the necessary equipment. First and foremost, if you want to play in virtual reality, you’re going to have to invest in a virtual reality headset, as well as a high-performance graphics card that is capable of generating these highly realistic images on your computer. Aside from that, you’ll need a decent processor with sufficient memory and ram, along with a windows 7 OS. If you have all of that, you should be good to go!

The Future of Virtual Reality Online Casino Gaming

If technological advancements over the last twenty years have shown us anything, it is that no idea is too big. The sky is limit, and even though virtual reality casino gaming is in its early stages right now, you can bet that that will change significantly over the next 20 years. After all, online casino game development is big money, and there are many intelligent minds out there who will be looking to get a big slice of the pie by creating something that’s even more innovative, new, and exciting than before.

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