4 Reasons Why iPads and Tablets Make Our Life Easier


There comes a time in everybody’s life when they’re wondering whether they should buy themselves an iPad or tablet especially if they already have a good mobile phone and laptop. You might be wondering whether it’s worth spending that amount of money considering if you’re not sure if you’re going to use it as much at the end of the day.

Well, in this article we hope to shed some light on how these devices make day-to-day tasks easier.

1.  They are compact and portable

If you are someone who is always on the go, catching trains and buses, you will definitely appreciate the obvious benefits that come with having a tablet or iPad because of flexibility and portability. Whilst you could manage some things from your phone, like sending emails, it can get really frustrating after some time due to the small screen. Not to mention, this kind of activity will very likely drain your battery much faster than it would on an iPad or tablet – these devices are just made to last hours of constant use.

Needless to say, these devices are also great for situations whereby you need a big screen but do not wish to carry the extra weight of a laptop and charger with you, though one might argue, that having a laptop is more convenient because of the keyboard. However, this is something that could be easily worked around, for there is also the possibility of purchasing a small bluetooth keyboard that is purposely made to go with your iPad or tablet.

2.  They help enhance your gaming experience

In recent years we’ve seen a huge shift when it comes to gaming. Every year, more and more games are released on both the Apple and Play Store because the mobile gaming industry has boomed in recent years especially in South Africa. By gaming, we mean all sorts of apps from adventure, educational, and puzzle games, to multiplayer, combat and casino games.

In fact, according to Playcasino.co.za, due to this reason, most mobile casino options in South Africa are compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android, Blackberry, Windows and many other mobile devices, which goes to show just how much players are starting to prefer games on smartphones and tablets over laptops. And while smartphones are great, they do lack a certain level of immersion since the screen is so small. This is why playing games on an iPad or tablet, is like having the best of both worlds.

3.  They help reduce eye-strain

Have you ever tried reading ebooks and articles on your phone? How long did you last? We’re guessing, not a lot, because the eye-strain is real! Apart from giving yourself a headache from the extremely small screen, it is also very distracting to read on your phone due to incoming messages or calls.

With tablets, these problems are greatly reduced. We say reduced, because, we won’t lie, we all know reading off a screen is harmful especially if done for long hours on end, whether it’s on a laptop, mobile or tablet. Ideally, we should the majority of our reading should be done on books than screens, however, this is not always possible. Sometimes, we’re looking up things as we go or we want to read bits and pieces from different ebooks, which means that the equivalent would mean we’d have to carry a number of books with us wherever we go, which is neither convenient nor realistic.

Therefore, the lesser of two evils would be to read off a bigger screen. In this case, the bigger the screen, the better. Plus, you can also reduce the impact by modifying the screen settings such as adjusting the brightness. Should you experience a faulty screen, reach out to a professional ipad repair Singapore to get it fixed up.

4.  They’re great for when you want to catch up on your favourite series

Are you lagging behind on a few of your favourite series? Have you been trying to watch them on the tiny screen on your phone? You guessed it, having an iPad or tablet, in this case, is probably one of the best highlights. It’s like watching it on your laptop, but better because you can easily fit it in a medium-sized bag and it doesn’t hurt your back carrying it. You can watch an episode while waiting in line or while commuting!


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