SA-developed Mobile App is Virtual Witness in Road Rage, Emergencies

MiBlackBox is the most reliable virtual witness to events as they unfolded

By Staff Writer

The increasing incidence of situations requiring cellphone users to record unfolding events on their mobile devices has prompted the launch of MiBlackBox.

The service is a virtual witness to volatile and emergency situations by enabling mobile users to record calls, images and videos at the touch of a button.

MiBlackBox’s standout feature is that it automatically encrypts and stores all voice recorded on secure servers.

“We’ve all viewed cellphone footage where those caught in the act attempt to seize victims’ mobile phones. With MiBlackBox’s offsite secure server, once incriminating files are recorded, it doesn’t matter what happens to the cellphone,” says Brent Thomson, MD of MiBlackBox.

The service‘s primary feature is the ability to set up the service so that recorded files and location information are sent to preset emergency contacts in case of an emergency.

“For cellphone users facing potentially life-threatening situations at home, in the traffic, at work or simply out and about, MiBlackBox is the most reliable virtual witness to events as they unfolded,” says Thomson.

The service costs just R12 a month.

MiBlackBox - ``Your Virtual Witness``
MiBlackBox – “Your Virtual Witness“

Importantly for a country trying to level the playing field for all citizens, MiBlackBox can be accessed by all local cellphone users, regardless of whether they currently use an advanced smartphone or a basic feature phone.

To register for the service, individual users can download the MiBlackBox app on the Apple or Android app stores. App registrations are handled within the app after downloading if from the app or play stores.

Each emergency contact is notified by SMS at the time of being registered along with a link to download the app should they so wish.

MiBlackBox was developed by MiBlackBox (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Rich Rewards Group.


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