FNB Introduces Augmented Reality on its Banking App

You can also watch TV on SA’s popular banking app

by Staff Writer

Walking down Melrose Arch wanting to buy something at your favourite clothing retailer, such as Tiger of Sweden, and trying to locate it to get that good deal on those fancy suit? Do not just wonder around the mall. Your mobile phone banking app may be able to help you locate that Tiger of Sweden shop as quickly as possible with ease.

South Africa’s most innovative bank FNB has launched this week, the eBucks Partner locator on the FNB App uses augmented reality technology to help customers find nearby eBucks retail partners.

“Augmented reality overlays retail partners onto your phone screen, indicating the distance to the retailer, eBucks spend and earn options, opening times and contact details. This will evolve over time to become even more interactive to supplement your physical world with how FNB can save you rands and make life easier to manage,” says Sahil Mungar of FNB Digital Banking.

Augmented Reality is a technology enriching the real world with digital information and media, such as 3D models and videos overlaying in real-time the camera view of your smartphone, tablet or connected glasses.

Imagine driving a car, using a heads-up display projection on the windshield to navigate through an unfamiliar city. This is augmented reality; the information is used to not only guide you along a route but also to alert you to salient information in your surroundings, such as cyclists or pedestrians.

With the introduction Augmented Reality, FNB continues to shape the future of banking.

The South African-based banking group also introduced FNB TV on its Banking App to help customers navigate banking easily with video clips that show them how.

“Computing has evolved rapidly and with smartphones, we can transform banking into an intuitive, helpful and valuable way to manage your money, help you shop, and deliver services at your fingertips,” says Mungar.

FNB TV now allows customers to find and watch helpful mini-videos to help with common day to day frustrations we all experience.

“We have analysed common customer enquiries at our branches and contact centres, and have very short videos available on FNB TV to help them find quick solutions. We will continuously update FNB TV to help our customers become aware of helpful tips and convenient products that FNB has,” says Mungar.




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