Apple to raise price of apps in SA

 Tech giant Apple is raising the prices of paid apps and in-app purchases for seven countries, including South Africa due to exchange rates. By Staff Writer

Following fluctuations in exchange rates, Apple has informed developers today that it’s planning to change App Store pricing in a number of countries within the next 72 hours, according to a report in technology news website The Next Web (TNW) published on Monday.

The other markets affected by price increases include Canada, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia and Singapore, a document sent to App Store developers showed according to TNW.

“Subscribers in Russia and South Africa will need to resubscribe at the new price,” according to a screengrab of the Apple document posted on TNW. “For users in New Zealand, Israel, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and Mexico the app pricing tiers will change by a small margin, which will include in-app purchases.”

For more, read the Apple Apps Pricing Schedule for January 2016

The rand continued to weaken on a trade-weighted basis by a further 2.6% in the week ended on January 15, to bring it’s year-to-date depreciation to 6.6%, according to a report published by

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