Is M-Net discriminating against whites?

Trade union Solidarity on Tuesday accused pay-TV channel M-Net of discriminating unfairly against white people.

The allegation comes after M-Net has indicated in a recent advertisement that only black, Indian and coloured candidates may apply for a paid internship programme offered by M-Net’s Magic in Motion Academy. According to the advertisement up to 20 individuals can be accommodated in the programme.

Dirk Groenewald, head of Solidarity’s centre for fair labour practices, said the advertisement does not comply with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act.

“The said advertisement boils down to nothing but the total exclusion of white people and amounts to a quota system. The said legislation prohibits quota systems. Moreover, the courts, including the Constitutional Court, have already found that the use of a quota system as well as the exclusion of people based on the grounds of their skin colour is unlawful.”

Groenewald added that numerous complaints have been received from white candidates who meet the requirements for the internship, but who may not apply for the programme because of the colour of their skin.

“In a letter Solidarity requested M-Net to amend the advertisement in order for white people to also be allowed to apply for the positions in question. Should M-Net fail to comply with the request, we will lodge an official complaint with the Human Rights Commission,” Groenewald said.

The trade union also called on the public to speak up against M-Net’s racist behaviour by signing a petition on Solidarity will hand the letter of petition to M-Net’s management.


  1. Being forced to change the offer does not force them to consider a white candidate. They can still very easily exclude and be quite entitled to do so.


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