MVN-X to help a media firm to launch an MVNO


Imagine a media company diversifying its revenue streams by becoming a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) like FNB Connect, Virgin Mobile, me&you Mobile, SmartMobile and mrpmobile. MVN-X is assisting a South African media firm to do just that. By Gugu Lourie

Former Virgin Mobile boss Steve Bailey, who was instrumental in the launch of Me&You Mobile and MRP Mobile through his firm MVN-X, is assisting a local media firm to launch a successful MVNO.

Bailey disclosed in an interview to that MVN-X was working hard to establish another MVNO in South Africa.

“We are very upbeat about it. So, we’ve got a new MVNO launching in February, which is going to be quite interesting,” reveals Bailey.

“It’s actually a media company. It makes sense if you are a media company you’ve got advertising. So one of the key thing that mobile needs is advertising; you can use your advertising to to drive mobile.

“It’s a media asset that’s going to launch an MVNO either it’s a newspaper, magazine or radio. I won’t tell but its coming in February 2016.”

It is easy to imagine the possible launch of Daily Sun Mobile, Metro FM Mobile, Sowetan Mobile or YFM Mobile.

Bailey told that a number of retailers, banks and other companies are showing an interest in a South African mobile market that is worth more than R100 billion a year and targeting 1% or R1 billion of the MVNO space.

MVNOs, which piggyback on Cell C’s network to offer mobile data and voice services, remains a niche market for existing and new players

MVN-X, which was founded 18 months ago, aims to form mutual beneficial partnerships with leading retailers and brands diversifying into the mobile space.

It acts as a middleman between the mobile phone operators and MVNOs by offering the technology, infrastructure and operating systems.


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