Review: Axis F34 surveillance system

If you are an entrepreneur, or a small medium business enterprise (SME) running an office or a retailer and you need a surveillance system that is easy to install and use, try the Axis F34 surveillance system. By Gugu Lourie

This video surveillance solution only requires a personal computer (PC) to activate its cameras on the internet and thereafter the user doesn’t need a PC to use the video cameras.

Users are likely to be impressed by the fact that Axis F34 surveillance system removes the need for a recorder for your videos?

The solution comes with two 64 GB micro SD cards that enable users to save video space because the cameras have motion detection sensors.

The micro SD cards allow users of the Axis F34 surveillance system to access video recordings remotely, a function other surveillance systems do not provide.

In addition, the system records HDTV quality videos enabling dependable facial identification of people and incidents.  It comes with discreet cameras, which can cover four closely situated indoor areas.

During a trial run by, the 64 GB micro SD card on the system recorded videos for more than a week and there was still space for more.

I must admit I wasn’t sure what would happen once it ran out of storage capacity. I didn’t know if the videos would be automatically overwritten or saved on the cloud.

Of course I was aware that videos could be exported from the system to my computer or another external hard drive.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that, according to Axis, the SD card storage is engineered to handle continuous overwriting.

Axis says it uses an edge storage technology that allows video recording directly to an on board SD card or a network-attached storage device.

Edge storage makes it possible to design flexible and reliable recording solutions, optimize bandwidth usage, and lower the cost for remote site recording.

In short, this surveillance system is both smart and efficient as a discreet monitoring solution.

To install the system a user has to correctly connect all the wires. The user will also need to assemble the cameras and download the mobile viewing app.

Axis, the Swedish-based firm, are better advised to include a memory stick with a readable manual or a video on how to install the surveillance system.

It is easy to set up the Axis F34 surveillance system’s mobile viewing app, which enables users to monitor suspicious events in their office or business premises.

The Axis Camera Companion app can also be used to export videos to friends or police officials.

The app can be used on any smart device – tablet or smartphone – anywhere to monitor your office. Users can save the videos as clips or snapshots.

The surveillance systems come with four HDTV video cameras and the main unit can be powered using energy over Ethernet or an external power supply.

The F34 surveillance system also provides support for video motion detection 3, a video analytic program that can

sense false alarms by distinguishing between motions made by cats and dogs.

Axis says the product can precisely spot moving objects that pose real danger. Unfortunately, this feature was not tested.

Buying this surveillance system will provide users with peace of mind and freedom to focus on running their business.

Verdict: The F34 surveillance system by Axis provides a quicker way to install a CTTV systems for SMEs. It also sets itself apart from other similar products with its HDTV 720p videos that record reliable facial identification.

Finally, I fell in love with the micro SD storage and mobile view app that provides a user with remote monitoring through the Axis Camera Companion app.

The F34 surveillance system comes is in one box, making it unnecessary to go buy additional hardware or software.

Truly this system is a surveillance in a box.


  • Remote access to your videos
  • Mobile viewing app
  • HDTV 720p videos – reliable facial identification
  • View live and recorded videos
  • SD micro cards – efficient storate
  • Axis Camera Companion System
  • One box solution
  • No network or router configuration required


  • Not really a plug and play systems
  • Downloading Axis Camera Companion – download too slow
  • Useless when Internet is off


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