Vox Telecom CloudBackup PRO targets SMEs

Cloud storage offers a means of storing files online, which can be accessed from anywhere to work with, sync and share. It is like having a cloud-based USB drive. Whereas cloud backup solutions address the need for business continuity, with 100 percent data recoverability and a relatively quick restore to status quo. By Staff Writer

Vox Telecom has launched CloudBackup PRO, an easy to use hybrid backup application developed for small to medium businesses that stores data safely, in the cloud or on a local hard drive for disaster recovery purposes.

“The hype around cloud has blurred the lines between cloud storage and cloud backup. Few small businesses can differentiate between storage and backup services, which in reality are two very different solutions that address different business challenges,” says Riaan Gouws, product manager for Backup at Vox Telecom.

Riaan Gouws, product manager for Backup at Vox Telecom
Riaan Gouws, product manager for Backup at Vox Telecom

“For us, cloud backup is like having an insurance policy for your data. It automatically backs up your files, applications or servers, and stores it safely for disaster recovery purposes.

CloudBackup PRO is built around a local client application with customisable schedules that collect, compress, encrypt and transfers data safely to the cloud.  With incremental backups after the initial full backup, business owners can be assured that it will not consume a lot of bandwidth performing daily backups as it only backs up changes to files.

“Businesses should not confuse cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive with cloud backup solutions like CloudBackup PRO,” says Gouws.

The risk with storage is that no data integrity guarantees are made, nor is there monitoring and reporting.  Cloud storage only delivers best service levels to customers. In other words if your files are accidentally deleted or corrupted they will be lost – potentially crippling a business.

Enhanced features and functionality in Cloud Backup PRO (versus the previously launched Cloud Backup) includes OS (operating system) support for Windows Server, Mac 0S, Linux and Unix; dedicated module support for databases, email servers and Windows Bare Metal, flexible backup schedules that can be set for daily, weekly, monthly or more customised backups; bundled backup storage from 100GB to 2.5 TB.




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