Telkom enhances its mobile pre-paid data bundles 

By Staff Writer

From today, Telkom is delivering greater value to its customers as it enhances its pre-paid data offering by consolidating both its Telkom Mobile bundles and its All Network bundles into one set of pre-paid options that will provide national coverage for subscribers.

This means that that all packages will provide consumers the benefit of national network coverage that includes roaming on the MTN network outside Telkom’s coverage.

Telkom is also adding value by slashing the prices of its pre-paid data bundles to make internet more affordable and accessible for everyone. Customers will benefit from a new mobile pre-paid data pricing structure as well as a reduced out of bundle data rate which will changed from R1 to R0.29 per MB for pre-paid customers.

“We have revised and simplified our data bundles in order to provide the best value and service to our customers. We believe everyone should have access to the data they need, when they need it,” said Telkom spokesperson Attila Vitai, Telkom’s Managing Director: Consumer and Mobile Services.

The new pricing structure:

Mobile Pre-paid Internet Bundles: Old Pricing New Pricing
25MB R 15.00 R 7.25
50MB R 20.00 R 14.50
100MB R 30.00 R 29.00
250MB R 50.00 R 39.00
500MB R 95.00 R 69.00
1GB R 180.00 R 99.00
2GB R 349.00 R 139.00
5GB R 819.00 R 299.00

These pre-paid data bundles will be valid until the end of the next calendar month rather than the industry standard of only 30 days which provides further value to the customer.

New bundles to be added:

New Mobile Pre-paid Internet Bundles: Price
3GB R 199.00
10GB R 499.00
20GB (valid for 6 months) R 899.00
50GB ( valid for 12 months) R 1,799.00

In order to provide the best possible value the previous 2GB + 1GB, 25GB + 25GB and the 60GB + 60GB bundles have been replaced with the 3GB, 20GB and 50GB internet bundles respectively.

“With these changes and enhancements Telkom customers are able to surf anywhere, anytime, at a cheaper price, with data bundles that last for longer,” said Vitai. “This is consistent to our overall strategy of putting the customer first and providing the best options on the market”.


  1. Not sure where the value lies in downgrading the 25 +25 and 60 +60 packages? I’m I being stupid in thinking that heavy data users are the ones being short-changed in this scenario?


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