New Nkandla parody on social media

By Staff Writer

The latest audio music parody is doing the rounds on social media and some have classified it as another hit for our President Jacob Zuma.

“Dawg when the Pres is gone and Nkandla remains, this hit will be remix by other dawgs,” said Gwyza.

Dika said: “The Pres is already listening to it and giggling to it. He hehe he.”

The name and source of the musical parody is not known.


Business Day editor Songezo Zibi, recently argued: “The Nkandla scandal is the tipping point at which SA must decide whether it is a real democracy with real accountability, or a fiefdom that has long prostrated itself at the feet of a personality cult headed by a president who believes himself to be an executive monarch.

“Nkandla is as much about a disregard of the law, as it is about the brazen display of the proverbial middle finger to anyone who thinks a democracy is not a dictatorship between elections. The signs are all there.”


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