Cell C to retrench – union

By Staff Writer

Solidarity Union said on Thursday that mobile phone operator Cell C recently notified its employees that it plans on embarking on a restructuring process which could lead to job losses.

“The purpose of the restructuring process is to enhance the company’s effectiveness, streamline its business and avoid the duplication of functions. At this stage, some 47 positions are affected by the process. However, the company indicated that even more positions could be affected in the short term,” Solidaritty said, citing a letter dated 28 April 2015.

Marius Croucamp, head of Solidarity’s Communications Industry, said Cell C is currently involved in a consultation process to determine the selection criteria that will be followed during the process, and to discuss the possibility of alternatives such as severance packages.

“Some of our members have already received an indication that they are affected by the process. We therefore requested Cell C to participate in the consultation process in order to limit the impact of the process on our members. We will also urge Cell C to have the best interests of its employees at heart during the process,” Croucamp said.

Cell C says it plans to conclude the process by the end of July 2015. The company currently employs 1 084 employees.




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