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Monday, November 20, 2017
Tags Outsurance

Tag: Outsurance

OUTsurance Plans to use new Business OUTvest to Disrupt Investments Market

OUTsurance announced on Monday the launch of OUTvest, an innovative retail investment service to complement its suite of direct to consumer short-term and life...

The Author of Fake MiWay Mail Apologises

By Staff WriterThe author of the social media post purported to show a racist and offensive mail written by a MiWay staff member, has...

MiWay says Independent Forensic Audit Proves Racist Mail is Fake

By Staff WriterSouth Africa’s short-term insurer MiWay announced late on Tuesday in a statement that an Independent forensic audit proves that the Racist mail...

Twitter Reacts to a “Racist” MiWay Email

By Staff WriterAfter a racial email from an alleged MiWay Claims Administrator, Aarthi Roopnarain, started circulating on WhatsApp platform, Twitter users attacked insurance company...
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