Former cop Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu was on Friday found guilty of six counts of murder of her relatives and lover whom she had clandestinely insured with herself as a benefactor.

Judge Ramarumo Monama pronounced his guilty ruling in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court, Johannesburg, after a lengthy judgment.

He said in the last 79 years South Africa had not known such a murder streak.

Judge Monama also found Ndlovu guilty of attempted murder and defrauding the insurance of about R1.4 million.

All the while the 46-year-old accused made facial expressions suggesting she was in pain or struggling to stay awake.

Occasionally she adjusted the grey shoulder wrap she wore, rubbed her earring, or simply bent her head to the side.

Recounting the deadly chicanery Ndlovu was up to, Judge Monama said in one instance the accused telephoned a relative that she did not see regularly.

Ndlovu told her farmworker relative she wanted to send her R200 to buy a birthday cake and needed to know her date of birth.

Using this information Ndlovu was able to open insurance on the life of the relative, who is now one of the six deceased.

She collected the insurance money as she did in all the six instances when her relative and her lover, Maurice Mabasa, were murdered at different times.

Ndlovu is also accused of the murders of her sister, Audrey, and nephew, Brilliant, for an insurance payout of more than R1 million.

The accused was arrested after an alleged hitman, Njabulo Kunene, had a change of heart and reported Ndlovu to the police.

Ndlovu had allegedly recruited Kunene to kill her sister and children by setting alight their house in Bushbuckridge.

A subsequent police sting recorded Ndlovu on video plotting the murders of her sister and five children. The video was played in court during the trial.

Ndlovu, who was also accused of plotting to kill seven more relatives with the hopes of claiming insurance money, now faces life behind bars.

The accused will be sentenced at a later date.

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