Small and medium business owners can now have access to web-based tools and information technology while ensuring that their stakeholder data is protected through Telkom Business’ latest Software as a Service (SaaS) value propositions, Out-of-the-Box Software (Zoho) and Out-of-the-Box Secure (BlackFog).

Through Telkom Business’ Out-of-the-Box Software (Zoho), customers can access an office tools suite, Internet of things management platform, and a suite of IT management software. To enable businesses to increase productivity, Telkom Business’ Out-of-the-Box Software (Zoho) has integrated applications focusing on web and mobile apps for sales, marketing, accounting etc. Out-of-the-Box Software (Zoho) is currently available on the Telkom Business E-commerce platform.

Migrating a business to digital means that SMMEs also require the right tools to protect stakeholder data. Telkom Business’ Out-of-the-Box Secure (BlackFog) as a cybersecurity solution prevents data loss and malware activity to ensure that SMMEs can safely conduct their business online. Telkom Business’ Out-of-the-Box Secure (BlackFog) will protect businesses from potential cyber-attacks by blocking online advertising and unauthorised data exfiltration, data profiling and data tracking. This offering is coming soon to the Telkom Business e-Commerce platform.

In the age of the digital economy, which has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, small businesses need to easily engage with customers, extend their customer base beyond their physical location and improve their day-to-day administrative tasks.  Telkom Business wants to ensure that small business owners have access to cost-effective instruments that will help them to run their business online.

Telkom Business Chief Executive Officer, Lunga Siyo says, “We will go out of our way to bring to SMMEs those solutions that help them on their journey in a way that is convenient, cost effective and speaks to the modern trends of technological developments”.

In empowering SMMEs, Telkom Business seeks to help businesses get connected, get customers, and get productive by going above and beyond providing small and medium businesses with communication capabilities through mobile and fixed-line solutions.

“To succeed in a time of digital migration, SMMEs need to be able to do business anytime and anywhere. Telkom Business’ mission is to ensure that small and medium businesses do not get left behind,” said Siyo.

“Our mantra speaks to the value proposition enhancement, which means that over and above the connectivity resources that we have, which is to help businesses to get connected, we then also had to build or strategically partner with parties that will give us access to a portfolio of products and solutions that help the other levers, being helping businesses to get customers and get productive.”

SaaS is key to digital transformation and in South Africa, this market segment is thought to be worth R10.4 billion and is expected to change the way we do business. To fast track their digital journey, small businesses require web-based applications that will allow them to not only trade their goods and services and to have visibility, but to also get productive.

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