South Africa’s Ulink Is Bringing Virtual Reality Solutions Into Schools

In the face of a technological revolution, technology and educational specialists, Ulink and Class VR, are ensuring that our children are prepared.

Ulink and virtual reality in school

South African company Ulink is bringing Virtual Reality solutions into schools in South Africa. Virtual reality is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. Applications of virtual reality include entertainment, education and business.

Ulink is ensuring that South Africa is ahead of the curve, taking this new technology into the education space, and empowering our children’s development by factoring in the advancement of technology and adapting learning accordingly.

The company is placing the focus on how the technology can be used to aid learning.

There are clear educational benefits to be drawn from the use of Virtual Reality, including better engagement, increased stimulation, decreased ‘time to learn’ and enhanced knowledge retention.

“Our focus is always people, young and old alike, how we can enable and empower people to achieve all that they hope to. Learning should never be led by technology, however, it can assist both teachers and students to break through barriers, this is what we are aiming for, the transformation of education through technology,” said Brett Nel, managing director at Ulink.

“Our purpose at Ulink is to assist in bridging the gap of access to technology through virtual reality, with the firm belief that Virtual Reality will have a positive impact on the educational growth of the South African student.”

With new curriculum content being added constantly and the potential to have your own content created and loaded onto the device, not only does Ulink’s Class VR support the curriculum but opens up endless new possibilities.

Ulink consistently works with passion to ensure that technology does not limit any one of us but rather that we embrace it and use it to empower ourselves, making certain that Africa isn’t left behind as we adapt to a new age within the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Class VR is not only limited to the classroom environment but it can be used for employee training and even to showcase products to potential clients. Virtual Reality enables us all to see ahead, so we don’t get left behind.



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