How To Beat The Four Top Business Networking and Connectivity Challenges

Nexio Connected Experience is an enterprise-grade, turnkey connectivity and networking solution for SMEs to multinational corporations in the digital era.

 Brett Orwin, EHOD Network and Collaboration at Nexio

There are four top connectivity and networking challenges all organisations must overcome in this digital era in pursuit of a better-connected experience.

A major challenge for smaller organisations is that achieving enterprise-grade connectivity and networking security and performance has been prohibitively expensive in the past.

For organisations of all sizes, legacy connectivity is expensive and doesn’t provide the right platform for modern fifth-generation cybersecurity requirements. It doesn’t provide the necessary proactive management and network visibility to ensure optimal performance down to the application layer. And it offloads responsibility for managing multiple service providers onto the customer.

Our problem, not yours

Trying to manage everything themselves is an overhead that businesses in this digital era shouldn’t have to worry about. At one end of the scale, SMEs typically don’t have the internal resources to do it all, so they end up vulnerable to cybersecurity risks and paying a lot for connectivity. At the other end of the scale, large enterprises have the headache of managing multiple service providers.

One point of contact

Nexio Connected Experience provides an integrated, turnkey service from a single provider, based on best practice Cisco SD-WAN solutions, with extensive connectivity support benefits from our parent organisation, Vodacom. Providing both the connectivity and overlay services in one makes it simple to get a cost-effective, highly available solution, that secures organisations, and gives them much better management capabilities down to the application layer. That enables smart, digital businesses.

It is now standard to have cost-effective connectivity that gives you full visibility into the WAN and LAN environments. That translates into proactive management and control, which is fully secured. It delivers the quality of service organisations need for their on-premise, hybrid, and cloud environments. It applies best practice methodologies, the world’s top technologies from Cisco, and integrated cybersecurity services based on Cisco’s global threat intelligence delivered locally. It’s available at price points that are accessible to businesses of all sizes, from SME to large enterprise.

The business impacts

Two key aspects we consider are the business impact of an outage or poor performance and what could cause that.

Connectivity can fail but you can establish cost-effective redundant solutions to stay up where it’s business critical. Poorly performing connectivity can inhibit crucial services and applications, which can degrade customer experiences and operational processes. Hackers may breach core, distributed, or mobile systems, which requires an intelligent, integrated security fabric.

A major advantage of the Nexio Connected Experience is zero-touch provisioning. It ensures that organisations are flexible, adaptable and agile because it’s much quicker and easier to set group policies than maintain them throughout the network. It reduces IT overheads and also supports compliance.

Nexio Connected Experience is an enterprise-grade, turnkey connectivity and networking solution for SMEs to multinational corporations in the digital era. You can find out more on our website or reach out to me directly.

  •  Brett Orwin, EHOD Network and Collaboration at Nexio
  • This article was published in partnership with Nexio


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