How Did Betway Manage To Become One Of The Most Popular Casinos Worldwide?

betway. Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Betway is one of the most popular betting sites or online casinos in the world. The company has been in the gambling market for more than ten years. While the company has seen a lot of success over recent years, its start in the market was not smooth. During its first years, the company suffered some significant losses due to issues like bad management and lack of solidified processes. These issues led to a lot of complaints from clients and negative reviews. However, the company has been able to beat its rocky start and become one of the world’s most popular casinos. You can learn more about how Betway became one of the most popular global casinos and all the incredible features it offers by reading through a detailed Betway casino review.

Below are a few moves that helped Betway achieve this position globally

Commitment to sponsorships

One of the ways Betway became as popular as it is is because of its continued commitment to sponsorships. The company is one of the main sponsors for the soccer team called West Ham United FC. It is also the main sponsor for the UK Championship Snooker, Premier League Darts, and several other teams and leagues in the UK and specific countries. By sponsoring these teams and leagues, Betway has been able to gain a lot of popularity across the globe. This is because the brand name and logo appear in stadiums during games, on the teams’ official uniforms, and in several advertisements. By doing this, the company and its brand have been able to gain recognition across the globe. For this reason, even people who are not avid bettors recognize the name Betway.

Using brand ambassadors

Betway has also been able to build a strong brand across the globe by signing brand ambassadors. The company has made a point to ensure that the brand ambassadors come from different sports and different countries. Doing this has helped the company grow its popularity across various sports and a variety of clients globally. Betway recently signed a new slew of brand ambassadors like Mike Tindall, a rugby player, Simon Hughes, a cricket player, and Rickard Johnson, a jockey. These brand ambassadors have to represent and promote the company through social media, interviews, and events.

Licensing in various countries

Betway has also been able to become a global casino by holding licenses in various countries. Currently, Betway holds licenses in eight countries. They are; the United Kingdom, Malta, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, and Belgium. These licenses have allowed the company to operate legally within these countries and also advertise itself. It also helps that the company is audited by eCOGRA. eCOGRA is a global independent online gaming industry authority. This element has helped Betway gain the trust of players and international bettors. There are claims that the company intends on expanding its operations to more countries in the coming years.

Provision of over 12000 different markets and lots of live betting options

Betway has also become a stronghold in the worldwide online casino scene by providing bettors with more than 12000 different markets. Doing this has helped the company retain a lot of clients since they have so many options. It has also helped attract a lot of new bettors to the platform.

The company also offers a lot of live betting options. Betway has also made it easy for bettors to use these options by creating a user-friendly layout and interface. Doing this has helped the company offer a better client experience hence redeeming itself from former issues that the company faced during its first few years.

Diversifying its focus

Betway currently focuses mainly on European sports as it is a European-based company. However, the company is starting to diversify and focus on US-based sports like the NBA, NFL, and the MLB. Diversifying its focus has helped the company attract new bettors who are interested in the US-based sports scene.

Introducing the eSports portal

The company also added the ability of bettors to wager on eSports to its sportsbook. In 2015, the company became the first major bookmaker to launch an eSports portal. The portal allows bettors to bet on more than ten games, including the most popular eSports globally (Call of Duty, Dota 2, Hearthstone, and League of Legends, to name a few). The bettors get to place wagers on matches between high-profile players on various eSports. Doing this introduced the company to a new market and set of clients. This helped significantly with its popularity and global recognition. It has also helped the company gain a competitive advantage over similar organizations.

Final words

It is also worth mentioning that, to redeem itself from its shaky start, Betway got a new management team and revamped its processes. They also changed their customer service in response to the complaints by clients. They ensured to hire a more competent and reliable management team. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, Cleaning the house has helped the company become one of the strongest online casinos in the world.


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