Dimension Data Buys Acacia To Fast-Track AWS Capabilities

Acacia Cloud Solutions
Werner Kapp

Dimension Data announced on Thursday it has acquired Acacia Cloud Solutions, a market-leading cloud implementation partner with an exceptional AWS (Amazon Web Services) pedigree.

The move cements Dimension Data’s commitment to invest in cloud services and solutions that meet the digital transformation and hybrid cloud requirements of organisations in the Middle East and Africa region in an increasingly competitive and digital business operating landscape.

The acquisition will expand Dimension Data’s AWS capabilities and provide its clients with innovative cloud managed services solutions that deliver relevant optimisation tools and speed to market. This will see both companies building more capacity and skills to effectively meet client demand.

 “Our acquisition of Acacia Cloud Solutions, and our global relationship with our parent company, NTT Ltd. enhances our ability to localise the delivery of cloud managed services, through significantly expanding our Managed Hybrid Infrastructure services offering,” Werner Kapp, CEO for Dimension Data said.

“Our acquisition of Acacia Cloud Solutions with their reputation, expertise and experience reinforces this ongoing commitment to investment and innovation for the benefit of our clients.”

With public cloud, on-premises legacy systems, and private cloud in operation, customer and organizational data sits across a variety of sources, including at the Edge, which means that keeping track of the logical and physical locations of data is paramount.

Carl Snyman, CEO and George Rushby, CTO at Acacia, added the acquisition allows the company to take what it started and build an AWS practice at scale that can keep pace with the market’s demand for cloud adoption.

“We felt that the combination of Dimension Data’s existing customer base and its managed services capability uniquely positions Dimension Data with a competitive advantage to be the leading AWS Partner in the Middle East and Africa region; which is an exciting opportunity to be a part of and allows Acacia Cloud Solutions to reach its full potential.”

As part of the Dimension Data One Brand strategy, Acacia Cloud Solutions’ employees will become part of Dimension Data Intelligent Infrastructure practice, reinforcing the practices focus on AWS excellence.

The Acacia Cloud Solutions brand will formally retire on the 1 October 2021 – through the acquisition all Acacia Cloud Solutions clients will become Dimension Data clients.


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