Vodacom To ShakeOff 2020 This Summer And Bring On 2021

With summer fast approaching, Vodacom is raising the bar this year with the launch of the Summer ShakeOff 2020 campaign.

2020 was a year filled with difficulties, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic putting many South Africans under pressure. Many would like to shake off the negativity of 2020 and look toward the opportunities that 2021 has to offer.

As a result of massive customer engagement in the 2019 Shake!Up Summer campaign, the country’s leading network has introduced new interactive gamification and rewards campaign called Summer #ShakeOff 2020.

This year’s exciting new game, enabled through a Daily or Mega Shake, allows Vodacom customers to collect puzzle pieces towards the grand prize albums. By collecting all puzzle pieces to a specific album, customers can win that prize!

There are 10 prize categories in total, with daily mystery prizes as well as weekly and monthly grand prizes up for grabs. With each puzzle piece collected, Vodacom customers move one step closer to winning the grand prize. The first customers to successfully collect all the relevant pieces to the album could win the amazing grand prizes, including cash, appliances, Samsung Z-phone devices and a brand-new Mini Cooper exclusively available to customers shaking via the My Vodacom App.

“As summer represents fun, family and relaxation, the Summer ShakeOff 2020 campaign aims to give back to our customers through appropriate rewards, for the things they need most. This cements Vodacom’s values of creating deeper customer engagement through propositions that truly meet our consumer needs after a particularly tough year,” says Jorge Mendes, Chief Officer of Consumer Business at Vodacom.

Fancy cruising into 2021 in a brand-new Mini Cooper? Do you want to do your summer entertaining using vouchers from your favourite retailers or hang out with friends eating burgers from some of the country’s most loved fast-food joints at the pool? Looking for festive gifts for family – maybe a new dress or sneakers?  Of course, you do!

By simply shaking their devices, customers can receive rewards to supplement their spending this summer, with discounted offers, cash prizes, cash vouchers and awesome vouchers through Vodacom’s extensive reward partner network consisting of leading retailers and food outlets across the country.

This year, the ShakeOff Summer campaign will leverage the newly launched VodaBucks Rewards Programme, where customers can Earn, Bank and Spend their share of 1 billion VodaBucks during this campaign. Customers can use 1 VodaBuck to purchase up to 5 additional Shakes per day or 5 VodaBucks to unlock a Mega Shake for greater chances of winning.

“The ShakeOff Summer campaign and the VodaBucks Reward Programme are yet more ways we show our appreciation to our customers, rewarding them for their engagement in spontaneous and fun ways. We strive to deliver value through the innovative products and services that we launch into the market. This is all in line with our purpose of connecting people for a better tomorrow,” says Mendes.

To help our customers get bang for their buck this summer, Vodacom customers can also use their Banked VodaBucks to fully or partially pay for their favourite products in the VodaBucks Store. The VodaBucks Store has an extensive range of rewards, with categories such as Bundles, Electronics and Appliances, Retail, Fashion, Travel and Entertainment.

To be part of the action, which runs from 7 November to 6 February 2021, Vodacom customers can opt in by downloading the My Vodacom App free of charge or by dialling *133# USSD string. Alternatively, add 082 009 8624 [ToBi] to your contacts and WhatsApp “Hi” to follow the prompts.

For those not on South Africa’s leading network yet, it is not too late! Get into summer with Vodacom and ShakeOff to get your share of 1 Billion VodaBucks and more!


  1. Hi pls help here wanna hear from you…is it possible for vodacom to ask you to send airtime or money to activate your reward?

  2. On Thursday my 74 year old mother was called by a guy in the so-called Vodacom Shakeoff call centre, telling her about this big prize she has won. R50 000 and 2 S20 Samsung cellphones. So instead of my mother getting scammed I decided my husband should call this guy back to determine if this is on the up and up. He explained the whole process, that they send pin numbers which he did and then he would send an sms in the next 5 minutes. He said we have to pay a R500 donation to either the Brian Habana Fund, Nelson Mandela Fund and there was another one. This was paid via eWallet. My husband paid the money and waited for the sms. The guy called us numerous times to check if we had received the sms, which we hadn’t. He called my mom this morning saying that we have to pay another R500 before we can go ahead. My mom refused. He then asked if we want our money refunded which my mom said yes. My husband just called him and he is not answering the phone. I have also just tried and no luck. The number he called from is 082 423 4003 with a voice message saying Vodacom Shakeoff Call Centre. If I don’t hear back from Vodacom regarding this so-called competition, I will be taking this matter to Carte Blanche regarding Vodacom scamming people. And further if I have to. If this is the name Vodacom wants for itself, I will gladly give it to you.

    I expect this complaint to go to the highest individual in the company, the CEO. I expect an immediate reply to my complaint, otherwise it goes further.


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