There are many reasons why online betting is as big as it is today. Apart from the fact that the famous betting operators sponsor numerous teams and events, there are also many unique features that bettors can’t find if they visit their local betting shops.

One of those features is live betting or In-Play, depending on where you’re playing. This allows all customers to place bets on live events, which has numerous advantages. Yet, some of the old-school bettors still prefer to place pre-match bets because they think they’re better.

Here are a few reasons why we disagree with this statement.

Live betting allows you to have access to unique markets

Some of the big brands allow their customers to bet on thousands of markets. Most of them are good, and they are often used, whereas others aren’t really that popular. However, once you start betting on live events, you will see that there are exclusive markets that are not available elsewhere.

What’s interesting is that most of them are only available once an event occurs in the match itself. For example, in a football match, you could bet on whether the penalty will result in a goal once there is an actual penalty.

You can place live bets even if you’re not using your computer

As you probably know, most of the big gambling websites allow their customers to use a mobile app or at least a mobile website version. Once you start using either of them, you can place live bets even if you’re not using a computer.

Furthermore, if you get the latest version of the 1xbet app, you will even have access to exclusive features that are not available elsewhere. This will make your overall betting experience even more enjoyable.

The odds are usually better

Even though this mostly depends on what sport you’re interested in, the live markets usually have higher odds compared to the regular ones. That’s due to the fact things can change quickly, which means that you take a higher risk.

However, this risk also means that your potential winnings will be higher.

Some betting features only work for live bets

The last reason why we think live betting is more appealing is because of the different betting features. Almost every big name in the sports betting industry allows its users to try out multiple features that can help them in difficult situations.

One of the features that drastically changed the way we bet online is Cash Out. This is something that you can use only during a live event because it allows you to settle your bet, even if the match is not over.

Another popular feature that everyone loves to use is Live Streaming. It allows people to watch specific events live, which makes a huge difference when betting. Sadly, there aren’t that many gambling operators that support this option. In most cases, you can use Live Stream for eSports because there are dedicated platforms that bookies integrate into their websites.


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