SA Taxi Industry Embracing Rewards Programme

The rewards programme is aimed at delivering commercial benefits to SA Taxi and its clients.

Maroba Maduma
Maroba Maduma. Image source: Bizcommunity

SA Taxi Rewards, a minibus taxi rewards programme, is slowly being embraced by South African taxi drivers as it continues to evolve in ways aimed at further benefitting the industry.

The rewards programme was launched in April 2018 by SA Taxi, an independent minibus taxi financier, in collaboration with Taxi Choice, the commercial arm of the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO). The SA Taxi Rewards programme was previously known as Black Elite.

The programme was aimed at leveraging the minibus taxi industry’s purchasing power to negotiate better pricing to benefit minibus taxi operators, associations and ultimately the entire industry.

Initial programmes provide rewards based on fuel and tyre spend, regardless of whether the operator is a client of SA Taxi or not. Further rewards programmes aimed at parts procurement are under consideration.

SA Taxi announced on Wednesday that the fuel rewards programme has 18 000 cards issued to date.

The company added that in excess of 16 million litres of fuel pumped into taxis in the 2019 financial year.

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The rewards programme is aimed at delivering commercial benefits to SA Taxi and its clients.

In October 2019, SA Taxi launched a tyre programme with Bridgestone South Africa, a tyre manufacturer, to provide tyres specifically designed for the Toyota minibus taxi.

The company has sold 25 500 tyres through the programme.

The tyre has been designed to meet not only the stringent requirements of the Ses’fikile Toyota Quantum minibus taxis but also the Original Auto Equipment Manufacturer requirements.

Through SA Taxi Rewards, an associated multi-faceted loyalty programme, operators will be able to save R400 per tyre and earn rewards on parts, maintenance, and fuel.

Available from SupaQuick outlets nationwide and the accredited SA Taxi Auto repair centre, the Bridgestone Taxi R15 provides taxi owners with a cost-effective offering that not only delivers a smoother driving experience but a safer one as well. For more read: Bridgestone, SA Taxi to Provide Discounted Tyres to MiniBus Taxi Industry

SA Taxi is using its telematics and other data accumulated from its rewards programmes to proactively drive behavioural changes in the minibus taxi industry.

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SA Taxi will expand its tailored rewards programmes within the minibus taxi ecosystem. Ultimately, the division intends to leverage its telematics and rewards programmes data to connect to South Africa’s 250 000 minibus taxi operators, selling existing (finance and insurance) and new products and services suited to the needs of minibus taxi operators.

The minibus taxi industry is thought to be a sleeping giant defined as:

  • An R100 billion industry
  • With more than 200 000 vehicles
  • Employing more than 600,000 people
  • Transport 15 million commuters per day
  • Accounting for 66% of the country’s public transport traffic

With a united vision, the industry could launch a mutual bank in the blink of an eye.



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