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To attend the TEAS exam, you will have to visit the exam centre with a proper photo ID for identification purpose

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TEAS Exam stands for the Test of Essential Academic Skills. It is a standardized exam conducted by the ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute). The company is widely known for providing varied kinds of tools to help nursing students pass professional tests. The exam is mainly created to assess the individual’s preparation in the field of health science.

TEAS test is taken up as a prerequisite for getting admission into nursing programs or any allied health school.

Website Here Now is considered to be necessary to evaluate the students’ performance and skills and determine whether they are able to reach a better academic level. The exam focuses on the following knowledge areas: English, Science, Reading and Mathematics. First of all, it helps to determine the likelihood of a person’s success in the field of health science.

What to do in order to take TEAS Exam?

The first step is to register on the ATI website for TEAS exam. You can select a particular date along with the desired centre location. The payment procedure has to be fulfilled online following which you will receive a confirmation email.

To attend the Prepaway TEAS exam, you will have to visit the exam centre with a proper photo ID for identification purpose. The document should be government-issued with a current photograph and a permanent address. To pass your test, you must have your log-in information to the ATI website at hand on the exam day. There may be some additional requirements to be fulfilled depending on the nursing schools. Candidates are advised to check their emails for confirmation and updates for the exam.

The fee structure of the TEAS

The official registration fee according to the ATI comes to be around $50. You can contact the ATI website for more information regarding the registration fees. It is non-refundable so in case you fail to attend the exam, the registration fees would not be refunded under any condition.

If you want to retake the exam, you can register with ATI and make another payment procedure. The newly issued scorecard can be used for fresh application processes without any hurdles. In case you want to reschedule the exam, you can do so prior to 24 hours of the exam.

Individuals need to prepare well for the TEAS exam in order to achieve good passing scores. The TEAS exam basically decides your entire future in your nursing career, so it’s essential to focus on each of the topics involved.

The types of questions and duration of the exam

ATI TEAS exam comes with 170 multiple-choice type questions with 4-option answers. The questions are created in a way that will test all your fundamental academic knowledge and skills. Below you will find a brief description of each exam section.

Reading section

It comprises of 53 questions and has a time limit of 64 minutes. The areas covered under this section include:

  • Key Details and Ideas
  • Structure and Craft
  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

The section focuses on assessing the basic reasoning skills of the individual. There will be various comprehensive passages and paragraphs given for the candidates to derive a proper conclusion from.

Mathematics section

This unit comprises of 36 questions and has a time limit of 54 minutes. It covers the following areas:

  • Algebra and Numbers
  • Data and Measurement

This involves percentile, metric conversions, fractions and ratio-based questions. It mainly focuses on the problem-solving skills of the individual. Candidates will be provided with access to four-function calculators at the exam centre. No outside calculators are allowed inside the exam venue.

Science section

It comprises of 53 questions and has a time limit of 63 minutes. The areas covered under this section are:

  • Human Physiology and Anatomy
  • Life and Physical Sciences

This unit also includes questions based on Scientific Reasoning for assessing the candidate’s knowledge of chemical and physical concepts.

English and language section

It comprises of 28 questions with a time limit of 28 minutes. It covers areas such as:

  • Standard Conventions in the English Language
  • Vocabulary Acquisition
  • Knowledge of Language

The questions based on grammar are asked in this section which includes the construction of sentences and various lingual concepts. Candidates are required to have basic language skills in order to attend this section.

The overall exam timing is 209 minutes. Candidates will be provided with a 10-minute break following the Mathematics section. The break time is not included in the total duration of the exam. In case you need extra minutes of break, it will be deducted from the total duration of your exam. You can readily report any query or error during the exam to the invigilator present.

TEAS exam results

The TEAS scorecard will be provided to you after the completion of the online test. Individuals who took the pen and paper-based test can access the scores within 48 hours of the exam through the registered account on the ATI website. The score report also provides a detailed and focused review of the exam. The review tool helps in revealing the mistakes which might help you improve on certain study areas and concepts.

The TEAS score depends on the difficulty of the individual questions. When you get your scorecard, you can view the percentage of questions which were answered right. The total score gives a proper view of the candidate’s preparedness for the exam. It should be kept in mind that the score cannot be equal for distinct subject areas. The overall percent scores can range from 0-100 % depending on the content and subject areas.

You can send the scorecards to any nursing school program of your choice. ATI provides necessary means to send the scorecards to each school, or you can send it individually according to the rules and regulations. Good luck!


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