MTN Offer The Best Mobile Video Quality In SA, Says OpenSignal

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OpenSignal, the mobile analytics company, has taken an in-depth look at South Africa’s video experience as well as how the operators there are delivering on mobile video experience and the results are in!

This follows on from the recent State of Mobile Video report – where OpenSignal analysed the mobile video experience of 69 countries.

MTN has beaten rival Vodacom to win OpenSignal’s video experience award in South Africa.

It was a fairly close-run race though, as Vodacom’s score of 58.6 puts it within 3 points of MTN’s 60.9.

MTN and Vodacom’s scores were in the middle of OpenSignals’ Good category for mobile video experience — the second-highest rating in any of the 69 countries the nalytics company analyzed in its global State of Mobile Video report.

In comparison with the rest of the world, South Africa performed pretty well for a market that is still maturing. Its national score of 55.9 landed it distinctly mid-table among the 69 countries OpenSignal analyzed globally, and South Africa beat some arguably more developed mobile markets including France, Ireland and Russia.

OpenSignal’s recent report on the South Africa mobile market showed something of a two-horse race.

While Vodacom dominated OpenSignal awards table, taking six out of seven of mobile experience crowns, MTN won the coveted 4G availability award and came a close second in almost all other categories.

But in new video experience analysis, OpenSignal said MTN didn’t have to settle for second in the awards table: it scored a narrow win over Vodacom in overall video experience measurements.

South Africa’s other national operators did not perform too badly though, and the gap between the leaders and Cell C and Telkom was closer than the company typically seen across other metrics.

In South Africa, both MTN and Vodacom rated a Good score (55-65), while the country’s other two operators landed in the Fair (40-55) category.

“We define a Good score as characterized by video streamed from the internet to a phone or tablet rendering at both low and high resolutions, but exhibiting some loading time before playback begins and some stalling, especially at HD resolutions,” said OpenSignal.

“Meanwhile, our users on a network with a Fair score would typically experience long loading times and frequent stalling at high resolutions, but better quality at low resolutions.”


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