How IoT is Reshaping the Retail Industry

Implementing IoT could be the game changer for retail

By Sundaram Mahalingam, Senior Technical Architect – IoT delivery at Prodapt and Vishwa Nigam, Manager – Business Analysis & Insights at Prodapt

The retail industry is moving from selling products to selling experiences, so it has become extremely important for retailers to know what their customers need in order to enhance their shopping experience.

However, knowing customer issues has been a challenge for retailers — as a result, the retail industry is one that faces the greatest risk of losing a customer. Almost 8 out of 10 customers don’t even give retailers a chance to fix their issues before moving to the competitors. IoT can help retailers in identifying their customers’ issues and also in fixing them efficiently.

IoT also helps retailers in operations by making their supply chain robust and by enabling efficient distribution of resources. Here, learn how IoT connects different departments in retail store in order to enhance customer experience.

Challenges faced by the retail industry

Implementing IoT could be the game changer for retail to overcome these challenges

How IoT overcomes the challenges: Mobile apps/ IoT in action – mobile apps

How IoT overcomes challenges: Connected Shelves

How IoT overcomes the challenges : Floor heat map

How IoT overcomes the challenges: Connected Trolley

Key findings

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