Future Mercedes-Benz cars will do the chores you hate – Zetsche

Daimler’s chairman of the board of directors, Dieter Zetsche, has revealed that Mercedes-Benz wants to create cars that act as personal assistants and wellbeing monitors, he told Autocar on Monday. By Staff Writer

Speaking at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, the chairman of Daimler’s board of directors explained that cars will one day carry out chores and tasks humans don’t enjoy, in a bid to improve their quality of life and reduce stress.

Zetsche told Autocar that cars will then begin to work as their owner’s assistant, carrying out chores like taking the kids to school and picking up other family members while an owner stays at work or home.

“Everyone is talking about digitalisation and connected cars,” he continued. “But software alone will not be able to take you from A to B. It is the total package that will take you from A to B.”

For more read: Autocar


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