South Africa ranks 34th in terms of LTE coverage

South Africa is ranked 34th globally in a new report from OpenSignal app that take measurements from millions of smartphones users in 95 countries. By Gugu Lourie

OpenSignal examines the overall mobile data performance of the 95 countries to see how they stack up.

OpenSignal says while 4G or LTE is a big factor especially in the most developed nations, 3G is still an important component of most countries’ mobile data infrastructure and Wi-Fi has a major influence on the way the majority of the world uses smartphones.

“We found only two countries that averaged data speeds faster than 30 Mbps, and only nine had averages greater than 20 Mbps. Meanwhile, 21 countries averaged less than 5 Mbps. The median speed in our list was about 8.5 Mbps,” OpenSignal said in the report.

3G/4G Availability
3G/4G Availability Comparison (Photo Credit: OneSignal)

South Africa is still slipping behind the rest of the world when it comes to LTE coverage, but the country is ranked number one in Africa. However its 34th ranking in terms of LTE is above Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, and Portugal and above its BRICS partners – Brazil, Russia, China and India.

In terms of download speed, South Africa is ranked 51th worldwide with an average of 8.32 Mbps.  The country is above Malaysia, Brazil, etc.


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