Vox Telecom is partnering with Ionizr, the pioneer in real-time proximity advertising technology in South Africa, integrating the open access digital engagement platform into its Vox AURA managed guest Wi-Fi solution.


For the first time, digital agencies will have a level of control of their Wi-Fi-advertising campaigns and messages across multiple customers and multiple venues, through a single interface and in real time. This coupled with the fact that it is a locally developed platform, offering local support, makes it another best of breed ‘must have’ for our Wi-Fi portfolio.


The monetisation of Wi-Fi can no longer be driven by mass media type tactics, but rather leveraging the data and analytics that users are generating every day and creating tailored, customised user experiences.


“Our strategic partnership with Vox Telecom allows for consumers to receive carrier grade public Wi-Fi services combined with real time, location based personalised content. The global trend is location based personalised marketing, nothing facilitates this more than free Wi-Fi,” says Wayne Venter, CEO and founder of Ionizr.


Consumers want free data and lots of it, by being able to offer value and personalize their experience through the insights derived from a consumers physical behavior our clients now have the means to implement relationship marketing. 


Consumers use more data when sharing real-time promotions, which they only receive when in a venue, via social media, and harnessing this will be a key differentiator among brands


Ionizr is the first company in South Africa that combines technology, internet of things, analytics, marketing and digital media to provide advanced data-driven location based marketing and advertising services.


“We wanted to be the first to market with a total solution for businesses that are serious about not only monetising their Wi-Fi, but also driving a more customised user experience, and this partnership provides us with this opportunity,” says Dederick Venter, executive head of Outsourced Technologies at Vox Telecom.


“There are numerous platforms, both locally and internationally that provide portions of the digital engagement eco system, but Ionizr is the first of its class, to provide real time engagement, to our digital marketing agencies and customers alike, on an open access model.


Wayne Venter explains: “Through the recent acquisition of Ionizr by the Tritech Media group, the Vox Telecom offering is now one of the most comprehensive in the industry.  It can now offer loyalty, vouchers, mobile payment, targeted advertising and marketing on public Wi-Fi, this depth of services and value to consumers has never been offered before.”


Vox Telecom has already been commissioned by a number of its customers in the hospitality, retail and entertainment sectors to provide a proof of concept that utilises the integrated Ionizr platform.

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