Monday, July 6, 2020


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Mercedes Benz Tops Connected Car Ranking

Mercedes with its mbrace and Mercedes me systems, offers the most complete set of Internet of Things (IoT) features and solutions.

Innovating for Africa’s growth is a global imperative

The continued digitalization of the global economy will demand new skills. Universities – not only in Africa but across the globe – need to adapt quickly to teach students relevant skills.

MTN completes Smart Village acquisition

Smart Village will give MTN presence in more gated estates and apartment blocks, business parks and shopping malls, including certain flagship estates such as Waterfall, Jackal Creek, Xanadu Eco-Estate and Midstream Estates.

BMW wants to save the planet with Digital Charging Service

The BMW Digital Charging Service is based on two core functions: Tariff and solar optimised vehicle charging

Digital exclusion may lead to wider inequality in SA

[Digital inclusion] has to be delivered urgently. Either it can help us drive a new source of competitive advantage for industrial development and job creation, or Africa can be consumers of foreign technology and foreign capability

SA Uber rival secures R300-million in funding

This initial funding is earmarked for expansion over a two-year period, with a primary focus on operations in Johannesburg.

Apply to the Barclays Accelerator powered by  Techstars 

Selected startups will be given the opportunity to enter or expand their presence in the African marketplace.

Misinformation on social media: Can technology save us?

If people can be conned into jeopardizing our children's lives, as they do when they opt out of immunizations, could they also be conned out of democracy?