The future of technology belongs to thought leaders, trailblazers and trendsetters. If that’s your world, don’t miss this year’s Dell Technologies Forum on 9 November. It’s the best opportunity to immerse yourself in the latest technology products and solutions, connect with industry pioneers and experts and explore technical sessions customised just for you.

The hot topics at this year’s event include Generative AI (GenAI), multicloud and As-a-Service, modern data infrastructure and edge, security and the Future of Work. Attendees will learn more about AI readiness and digital fluency; the future of ethics and economies and what to expect from machine coworkers.

“There’s no doubt that technologies like GenAI and multicloud represent an inflection point that is driving fundamental change in the pace of innovation while improving the customer experience and enabling new ways to work,” says Doug Woolley, General Manager for Dell Technologies in South Africa. “Dell and its partners are leading the way and this year’s Forum will help attendees harness the power of all the exciting developments in our IT world.”

Cyborg anthropologist MJ Petroni, CEO, Cyborg Anthropologist and Futurist of Causeit, Inc. will deliver the Forum keynote address. MJ studied shows like Star Trek at university to explore the complex relationships between humans and machines as we shape technology and it reshapes us. Focused on helping elevate digital fluency, he sits on the Accenture Tech Vision Advisory Board and is a faculty member at Singularity University.

Attendees will also be able to explore:

  • How Dell APEX helps simplify multicloud environments to streamline IT operations and simplify cloud experiences. They will be able to explore how it helps reduce costs and boost IT team efficiency, freeing them up to focus on innovation
  • Strategies to unleash the power of their data and how Dell’s modern storage portfolio can deliver breakthrough efficiency and cyber resilience for an ever-changing multicloud world
  • Ways to boost cyber-resilience to reduce risk and protect data from ransomware and cyber threats
  • The Future of Work and how they can capitalise on the ‘do anything from everywhere’ world

Dell Technologies Forum will be held at the Kyalami International Convention Centre on 9 November 2023. Click here to register.

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