Dublin-based online training platform Kubicle today announced that over 1,000 Capitec employees have completed more than 6,000 courses in data analytics.

“We’re thrilled to be part of Capitec’s journey towards becoming a data-driven organization. Our platform aims to empower professionals with the skills they need in today’s digital age,” said Mark Henderson, CEO of Kubicle.

“This milestone is a testament to the effectiveness of self-led online training in meeting the demands of a fast-paced work environment.”

During the year, Capitec partnered with online learning platforms, including Udemy Business, Kubicle for data skills, as well as Cloud Masters. These platforms offer learning paths and career plans that enable all Capitec employees in technology roles to develop specialist skills, become multi-skilled and enable upward mobility.

“Data upskilling investment into our people, using platforms such as Kubicle, will not only enable us to serve our clients better, but we are also investing in critical skills required for South Africa to grow in the fourth industrial revolution,” said Michael O’Carroll, Head of Data Transformation at Capitec.

A recent global report, “Data Literacy: The Upskilling Evolution,” underscores the importance of data literacy in the future of work. It reveals that the ability to read, work, and communicate with data will soon be as vital as computer literacy. This report resonates with Kubicle’s mission and the urgency of our initiatives.

“Data is no longer the sole domain of data scientists. In today’s digital economy, every member of an organisation must be equipped to manage and interpret data,” said Kubicle.

“Our platform aligns seamlessly with a remote working setup, offering teams the flexibility to learn at their own pace whenever and wherever it suits them. Capitec’s focus on data literacy is evident in its commitment to upskilling its workforce in this critical area.”

Kubicle’s work extends beyond Capitec Bank.

“We proudly serve the Big 4 accounting firms in South Africa and other major regional clients, such as Heineken Beverages and MTN.

“Our diverse clientele, ranging from financial institutions to telecom giants, reflects the universal need for data literacy across various sectors,” added Henderson.

“As our clients continue to invest in data upskilling of their employees, Kubicle calls on other South African companies to follow suit. Now is critical for South African businesses to invest in employee data upskilling programs. The future is data-centric, and we’re here to facilitate that transition.”

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