People have always created art by using a paintbrush and cavass. But nowadays, people can express their creative minds through different mediums. Technologies now allow people to craft new things digitally. Digital art is becoming more popular as it provides a more modern-touch concept. 

As you create digital art, it’ll only be wise if you can get money out of it. After all, you’re investing your time, efforts, and skill so that you can create the perfect one. To take advantage of your skills, below are some ways you could make money with digital art:  

Sell Them To Websites 

One of the easiest and most common ways you can make money with your digital art is by selling them to websites that provide digital art to people. There are plenty of websites online like Pixels, wherein you can sell your art, and they can make your art available for personal or commercial use, depending on how you’re going to sell it. This way, you no longer have to look for the clients yourself as you can offer your services directly to popular websites that people rely on for their art.   

You can play with various themes and designs while selling your digital art to e-commerce websites. If you’d like to be trendier, you might want to try creating NFTs, as people would prefer to print NFTs for their bedroom as their new wall décor.   

Conduct A Digital Art Class 

If you’re confident enough about your digital art skills, you might want to consider holding a digital art class to share your expertise with students everywhere. You can either conduct the class face to face or online, whichever suits your schedule better. Here, you can charge your students a decent fee per session.  

As you conduct a digital art class, you need to ensure that you can offer various levels depending on the person’s expertise. You can teach lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. This way, you don’t have to overwhelm aspiring digital artists while letting experts broaden their skills to make themselves better. If you’re still starting, you can hold a free session for your students and let them decide if they’d like to proceed with a paid lesson.  

man hands drawing on graphic tablet with stylus. designer or digital artist at work

Print And Sell Them  

Digital art can be great for printing on various objects. You can hang them on your wall or print them on common household objects, which you can sell online. If you’d like to start your own business, doing an all-original digital art can help to increase your price range since you’re taking extra time and effort to curate the perfect design and product.  

Apart from printing wall arts, you can try to make digital arts for throw pillows, T-shirts, socks, mugs, tote bags, notepads, stickers, and more. You can start by finding the perfect product to print your art on and then selling it to everyone you know. After which, you can sell them online and advertise them well so people would appreciate the work and effort you put into them. While it might require you to do some entrepreneurial skills, the income you can generate from it would be worth it.  

Offer Social Media Services 

Since more people are leaning on social media to build their business and reach their target market, creating the perfect logo could help attract as many people as possible. With the number of companies emerging nowadays, looking for an eye-catching logo might be challenging. While there are free resources online, creating the perfect one designed especially for a specific brand could help reach greater heights.  

To help entrepreneurs be more popular on social media and catch people’s attention, you can consider offering social media digital art services to them. This way, you can help their business look more aesthetic and attract the right audiences. You could design their logos, story templates, and even promotional advertisements. Since this is freelance work, you control your work hours and only do your projects wherever you’re free. Not only can you make money, but you can also help small businesses make their social media pages look more professional. It’s a win-win situation!   

The Verdict 

Digital art is getting more popular each day. If you think you have the skills and talent to craft an eye-catching art, there are ways you can make money in doing so. While mastering the skill might be challenging, the benefits it can bring to your pockets would be worth it. Just look for the type of business you’d like to spend your time on, and you may surely enjoy it, allowing yourself to love what you do and earn money from it.   



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