Elusive Hello Darlings Travel Agency Owner Tasneem Moosa Surfaces Online

Tasneem Moosa
IN HIDING: Tasneem Moosa owner of Hello Darlings

Tasneem Moosa of Hello Darlings travel agency has surfaced from hiding to deny she ran away with millions of rand belonging to her clients and investors.

The elusive Moosa spoke to GlowTV/Laudium Sun at the weekend from an undisclosed location. She said the only reason she went into hiding was that she had received death threats.

“They said things like we will torture you and kill you in front of your children … what mother would accept that.”

Moosa said she simply took her family to a place of safety.

Asked why she shut down her social media, Moosa said that was to stop anyone tracking her down so they could kill her.

Moosa denies Hello Darlings was a pyramid scheme but admitted when she had shortfalls because of unrealistic prices for trips she advertised for more business.

“I made stupid mistakes,” she said.

Moosa, who refused to say where she was speaking from, says all the clients and investors owed money would most likely get some of their money when her company is liquidated.

The Hello Darlings owner said she suffered trade losses.

“There is no money to run off with”.

Moosa said she never fled from South Africa. Instead, she said she left South Africa three years ago and lived in Turkey for a while.

The embattled travel agent said she was pinning her hopes of resolving the problem on “a liquidation process”.

Moosa said her advisors told her liquidating Hello Darlings was the only way those she owed money could recover some of it.

Watch the full interview:


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