5 Platforms for Wedding Invitation Video Maker Tools

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Going from one door to the other distributing wedding cards is old school. This is an era of wedding invitation videos that you can send right from the comfort of your home. Making video wedding invitations is way better than going door to door as it saves extra effort, money, and time.

Some professionals can design the most stunning wedding invites, but then again, you will have to spend money to hire their services. So, the best option is to go for a free online invitation maker that helps you easily create video invites and e-invites.

It becomes very easy to make a wedding invitation video without spending much time using an invitation-making tool. You need a few things like an internet connection, a laptop or desktop, and a bit of creativity to make the best video wedding invites.

Why Make Wedding Video Invitations?

One of the best reasons to make wedding video invitations is they last for a lifetime. The paper invitations can get misplaced, or they can get damaged after some time. But that’s not the case with video invitations that remain preserved for years. Couples can flaunt their awesome invitations in front of their kids and their grandchildren as well!

And above everything else, they are eco-friendly. Your wedding video invitation can be your small contribution towards saving the environment by saving trees. You are going paperless, and there can be no other trendier style of saving the environment than this.

Some platforms that can help you with the endeavor are as follows:

1. FlexClip

This is probably the best wedding video invitation maker because it can create the most fantastic video invitations. This online invitation-making tool will help you create an exclusive wedding invitation video with all necessary elements like background music, frames, visuals, and images.

This online invitation-making tool comes loaded with rich animated components. The dynamic text, widgets, logos, overlays, and other animated items that you get with this tool will help you make your video invites more engaging.

With FlexClip, you get several video templates that can help you make different types of video invitations for social media, lifestyle, and business. You can even use it as a birthday invitation-making tool.

The user-friendly interface of this platform will make it a hassle-free procedure for you to make video invites. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go paperless!

2. InVideo

There’s no platform like InVideo when it comes to making wedding invitation videos of the highest quality. This online invitation maker comes loaded with contemporary and fresh wedding video invitation templates.

It is the best and perfect way to create video invitations for beginners because of its readily clickable icons and super-intuitive interface for customization and editing. Just choose the template that will perfect your wedding theme and start creating the video invites.

You even have the option of choosing visuals from the video editor’s stock library, or you can upload your media content. The colors and fonts are customizable. And yes, keep the RSVP in mind for keeping track of the guests attending your wedding.

You can also add different video transitions when creating e-invitations to make your videos more interesting. You can also have an easy editing experience with the trim and crop video feature available with InVideo.

All in all, this is an easy-to-use online invitation maker that does not require its users to have any technical skills or expertise.

3. LightMV

Yet another highly-rated free online wedding invitation-making tool, LightMV, is easy to use, and it even comes with a user-friendly and simple interface. As such, it allows users to make some of the most incredible videos in a few minutes and just a few steps.

LightMV offers its users a number of templates to make their video invites look jazzy and fresh. The only thing you need to do to make wedding video invites on this platform is visit their site, select a template suitable for your wedding theme, and upload desired details with images.

Then hit Produce, and there you are with your wedding invite. As simple as that!

You can then download your e-invitation wedding video and share it with the wedding guests.

4. Biteable

Yet another efficient and feature-rich online wedding invitation-making solution, Biteable will help you create jaw-dropping wedding invitations in just a few seconds. It will help you make digital invitations for weddings and varied occasions.

You can get valuable information from the dozens of templates available with this tool. Or else you can choose to make your wedding video invites right from scratch. You can even customize the invitations with images, visuals, animations, and text. Users even have the scope of exporting videos and attaching them to their wedding invite emails and messages. 

Biteable will help you create the most charming video invites within just a few minutes. With Biteable at your disposal, you can have the guests replying with their RSVPs faster than the bride says, “I Do.”

5. Adobe Spark

This free wedding video maker platform will help you make some of the most stunning videos invites for your special day without spending too much time and money. With Adobe Spark, you get some of the most versatile and the best tools for creating amazing e-invites.

You do not need to be an experienced graphic designer for making wedding invites using Adobe Spark. This invitation maker’s in-built, easily customizable templates will help you create some of the most wonderful wedding invitations by customizing typography, color, and fonts.

This is a user-friendly invitation-making platform with mobile and desktop compatibility. So, the next time you create video wedding invites that lure the guests into attending the event, think of Adobe Spark.

The Bottom Line

So, these are your five best platform options for making wedding video invitations like a pro. Get your hands on any of these platforms and invite your guests in great style. They will help you make splendid videos that will remain in the guests’ minds for years to come.



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