PRODUCT ANALYTICS For Dummies – An Intelligent Guide, To Product Analytics

Product analytics
GAP. Image source: Quality Logo Products

The most innovative digital teams use product analytics to deliver the world’s most successful products. Household brands such as NBC, Gap, and AB InBev as well as business software giants like Intuit and Hubspot all use product analytics to bring their products to life.  If you are looking for an effective approach to product development and – you will find it here in the latest ebook from Amplitude.

It’s hard to discuss innovative product experiences without thinking of the products driving the at-home fitness revolution.

One company, known for its bikes, treadmills, and boutique fitness classes streamed right to your home, grew to become a public company worth billions of dollars with millions of customers in less than a decade. Their product experience spans software, hardware, in-home installations, online and in-person retail, and content creation, as well as a thriving community of evangelists.

Their teams use product analytics to understand those experiences and constantly improve, making them the success story it is today.

“Product-led growth is a cross-functional growth strategy that focuses on a product’s measurable growth outcomes, including acquisition, engagement, revenue, retention, and expansion.”

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