How one company changes the world of sports training and recovery


Next year, January 5 to 8, the biggest tech expo will take place in Las Vegas: Consumer Technology Association (CES). Many companies will show their new inventions there, and numerous speakers will inspire others with their success stories.

The topics at the expo are innumerable, and at CES, it will be possible to find innovations in such topics as cars, the internet of things, robots, and startups.

Many of those help the top sports organisations to get better. If you are interested in the best news about the biggest teams or looking for a betting operator, go now to Bookmaker Ratings and find what suits you. Although, in this article, we’ll focus on three main topics: sports, health, and video games.

How the training will look like in the future

One of the big companies that will perform at the exhibition is Xsens. They have vast experience in motion capture using their costumes stuffed with sensors. The organization worked in the gaming industry, for example, on Ubisoft “Riders Republic” (2021) and with content creators.

For the sports, they provide filming the athletes’ actions using sensors on the suits to disassemble the biomechanics of their movements. Later, the program builds the computer model using that data. Using it, an athlete with a coach can better understand where they made a mistake in training.

The model also helps to develop performance in a shorter time than without it significantly. It helps to see the movement technique in the smallest detail, work on improving the weaker sides or change it altogether.

How is the technology already used to heal

The parent company also works on sports injuries recoveries, using the same base technology. They cooperate with one of the most famous physiotherapy centers in the Netherlands, Pro-F Professionele Fysiotherapie, to bring the best care possible.

The injury department uses trackers to help with therapy. The technology records and analyzes every muscle movement while the injured athletes perform the simplest tasks to get back in shape. This information helps the doctors later determine how stable the patient is, his fitness level, and how likely it is for re-injury.

New video game experiences

Continuing the VR and video games themes, the company uses its technology also to create a new experience for England Rugby team fans. The company analyzed the movement from the players using their sensors and was able to make the most accurate model of the national team members.

The fans can use the virtual reality helmet to move to the stadium. The supporters need to evade the national team members with agile moves, which create one of the most profound immersion experiences in the sports video game world.


Recently, the world of sports has been developing in giant leaps. Researchers help to add insane technological wonders and improve life for both athletes and fans.

Lately, it has been worth remembering how FIFA and UEFA added VAR technology to the biggest football competitions. It helps the judges to determine the fouls, including offsides and penalties.

For the people who aren’t related to the world of big sports, there are a lot of different watches. Developers crammed a massive number of sensors inside: pedometer, oximeter, and more. This data helps to change your training plan daily for better results.

We wrote this article for those, who still doubt that scientists work on great discoveries, that’ll help only professional athletes and not those who wake up every day and monitor their health.


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