Liquid Intelligent Technologies Setup Shop In Nigeria and DRC

Liquid Intelligent Technologies
Nic-Rudnick-GCEO-Liquid-Telecom. Image by Gareth Davies

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, formerly known as Liquid Telecom, is expanding its operations into Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Last month, the company raised $840 million in a bond and loans to refinance debt and expand further into the continent.

The company that is majority-owned by African telecoms tycoon Strive Masiyiwa is also building one of Africa’s largest data centres in Nigeria.

Nic Rudnick, the CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, said the group has appointed a CEO in Nigeria and has been recruiting staff.

He added that the company’s new data centre will be live in a few months’ time. “We are building the largest data centre in Nigeria and it will be ready to launch in a few months.”

Rudnick said the company’s fibre network is ready to launch and committed to expanding it further.

The company also completed a fibre project, which connects East and West Africa with a new high-capacity fibre link running 2,600-kilometre across the DRC. The project has been ongoing for the past decade.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies will also tomorrow launch its operations in the DRC.

The pan-African telecommunications firm has installed more than 70,000 kilometres of fibre across Africa and operates five data centres in South Africa, Kenya and Rwanda.

In 2018, the company launched an IoT network in Kenya to support the big four agenda and used it to connect sensors across all sectors, including agriculture and fishing, transport and logistics, utilities and energy, heavy industries, retail, and banking and insurance.

Liquid Telecoms Rebrands

Liquid Intelligent Technologies
Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Liquid Intelligent Technologies today also announced the culmination of its extensive business transformation from being a telecommunications and digital services provider to a full one-stop-shop technology group through a group-wide rebrand.

Over the last two decades, Liquid has firmly established itself as the leading pan-African digital infrastructure provider.

This rebrand to Liquid Intelligent Technologies highlights the organisation’s expansion of its Cloud business, Cyber Security services, and other technologies added to its existing telecoms and connectivity capability.

This furthers the group’s aim of accelerating growth by providing tailor-made digital solutions to businesses in the public and private sectors across the continent.  This strategic rebrand reflects Liquid’s new digital-first product offerings, enabling employees and customers to interact with each other digitally irrespective of the time or location.

By aggressively expanding into new countries, including Nigeria and the DRC, Liquid Intelligent Technologies is bringing its award-winning high-performance network connectivity closer to more people and accelerating the development of the digital workplace.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies will expand its Managed Services offerings to drive and ensure successful adoption of tools to re-imagine their customers’ businesses and how they work and connect. Whether they are focused on enabling collaboration or utilising the most advanced cloud applications.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Liquid Intelligent Technologies is redefining Network, Cloud and Cyber Security offerings through strategic partnerships with leading global players, bringing innovative business applications, intelligent cloud services and world-class security to the African continent.

With the future of network security-driven from the cloud, Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ recently launched its Cyber Security business unit, which uniquely delivers security at its core, protecting your business’s data throughout its lifecycle.

“Our ongoing investment in our networks and data centres across Africa have uniquely positioned us to utilise our infrastructure to accelerate the availability of new intelligent technologies including the high computing power of the Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security to our customers,” said Rudnick.


“We are now excited to be executing our vision of bringing new technological opportunities to the market with a highly differentiated product set supported by our existing infrastructure and digital innovation. “




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