A New Distinguished Wine Brand To Celebrate Happy Moments

The Sauvignon Blanc 2020, which is Nosithembele’s white wine favourite, has a distinct varietal that is characterised by tropical fruit flavours.

Vuya Wines
Vuya Wines

A feast for the palate is awaiting discerning wine lovers – Vuya Wines has launched to the market with an inaugural selection of two wine varieties, namely Sauvignon Blanc and Red Blend.

The winemaker for both wines is the acclaimed Christiaan Groenewald. Groenewald, who is the founder of the New Cape Wines Company, won the prestigious Diner’s Club Winemaker of the Year Award in 2013 for Tannat Syrah 2011 and again in 2017 with Eagle’s Cliff Pinotage 2017.  He is one of only five winemakers to have received this award twice.

Nosithembele Bhengu, the entrepreneur behind Vuya Wines, explains that the name of the wine, Vuya, which means being merry or joyous in isiXhosa, captures the essence of the wines and what they represent.

“Vuya Wines are meant to celebrate joyous and blissful moments, be it those little but meaningful moments like catching up with old friends, romantic escapades or celebrating important milestones such as anniversaries, graduations and work opportunities.

“It is meant to bring much-needed cheer amid the despair bought about by the Covid-19 outbreak and all that we encounter in our lives. I hope that Vuya would be the wine of choice for discerning wine lovers who appreciate the best that our vineyards have to offer,” says Nosithembele.

The Red Blend is a Shiraz/Tannat 2016. The red blend has a rich, spicy chocolate plum nose, which are punctuated by a tinge of lively pepper and black cherry equally delightful to the nose and palate, a result of being matured since 2016. It is sophisticated wine with a concentration of intense favours.

The Sauvignon Blanc 2020, which is Nosithembele’s white wine favourite, has a distinct varietal that is characterised by tropical fruit flavours. It is a delicious medium-bodied wine with crisp and tropical fruit flavours. It is characterised by a clean zesty palate and is rounded off with a fresh finish.

“The brief was simple: to create an elegant and sophisticated range that will have an appeal for both connoisseurs and beginners alike.  The friendship between Wine Village and Nosithembele, stemmed out of a mutual friend. The shared passion for wine and business drive, bonded the relationship in a unique and special way. Today, we as businesswomen, share a strong bond in building our businesses, being successful in what we do and enjoying every moment of it.

As the Wine Village Hermanus, we always want to create a truly one-stop wine experience, with knowledgeable and friendly service, proudly selling only South African wines. At Wine Village we live our dream, with 22 years under the belt and relishing every moment. To us, it is a privilege to meet wonderful people from across the world.

People who share our passion for South African wines. Nosithembele is such a special person – a wonderful friend and business associate who is equally proud of our heritage of South African wines, says Cathy du Toit, from Wine Village – Hermanus

Orders for Vuya can be placed on vuyawines@gmail.com. We deliver across South Africa and beyond.

Non-alcoholic alternatives of Vuya Wines will be available in due course.



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