Don’t Fall for Phuthuma Nathi WhatsApp Investment Scam, Company Warns

WhatsApp. Photo by Anton from Pexels

Equity Express Securities Exchange (EESE) has warned people not to fall for the WhatsApp scam, enticing investors to trade in Phuthuma Nathi shares or promise to grow their investment.

This comes after several WhatsApp groups have been targeting vulnerable people.

The scammers send messages to investors using WhatsApp.

They try to entice investors to trade in Phuthuma Nathi shares or promise to grow their investment.

“We have received notification that shareholders have received WhatsApp messages requesting shareholder information and enticing shareholders to trade their shares,” said EESE.

EESE said Phuthuma Nathi and its transfer secretaries/verification agents, Singular Financial Services, would not send shareholders such messages using WhatsApp.

It is a scam.

Phuthuma Nathi shares can only be traded in two ways:

  • through the EESE Trading website: or
  • by calling the call centre on number: 0860 116 226.

The company said if you suspect you have been a victim of this scam, notify Phuthuma Nathi trading helpdesk on 0860 116 226 or email them at and open a case at SAPS.

EESE is the most recent exchange to be awarded its licence.

It was specifically created to look after the needs of broad-based black economic empowerment schemes. It is unique in the exchange environment in that it specifically caters for companies with restrictions, although these restrictions do not necessarily only relate to shareholder matters.

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