Learning to Work From Anywhere – Tips and Tricks

Starting a digital nomad career is not as easy as you may think. It requires serious dedication, hard work, and focus.

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A digital nomad describes a worker who is independent of location, which during the times of all the craziness involving the Covid-19 virus, seems like a really good idea.

Companies worldwide are forced to send their employees home who now have to learn how to be productive while working from home.

As a digital nomad, you can work while in transit. A digital nomad gets to travel the world while working. The amount of money you make is totally up to you, but you can expect to make more as you gain more experience.

Below are some handy tips and ideas that should add value and make your life easier on the journey of learning to work from anywhere. 

1. Reduce Your Expenses 

On the road to digital nomadism, you have to identify what ties you to your current location. Leasing a vehicle or apartment for a long time is one of the things that tie you down.

You need to free your income and commitments by terminating some subscriptions like a gym membership. To become a digital nomad, you will need to always travel light. This means you may need to get rid of things and junks that aren’t important to you.

2. Register with A Digital Nomad Community

A digital nomad community provides you the right resources to get started as a digital nomad. A digital nomad community will help raise your business to great heights.

Digital nomad communities often have Facebook groups and forums. It allows you to get information and interact with other digital nomads. This allows you to learn new skills from other digital nomads.

3. Know Your Strengths

Knowing the skills you possess is a great step to becoming a digital nomad. You must identify a skill that you can use to make money online.

You should already have computer skills and knowledge of the internet. This will make things a lot easier for you. Some remote working skills include engineering, computer design, and marketing.

Also, content writing is a great remote working skill. Content writing and content marketing allows you to make money while traveling.

4. Start as a Freelancer

Once you have gotten a skill that will allow you to work anywhere, you will need to get a job. The best way to do this is to scout some remote job websites. 

You can check ODesk, now known as UpWork as they offer a wide range of freelance gigs. There’s also a handful of others like PeoplePerHour.com and Freelancer.com that you can use.

These kinds of sites allow you to search based on skill and industry. For example, you can get a content writing job for an online casino website like Lioncasinos that usually pays quite well and gets you consistent gigs. 

If you’re not very casino knowledge savvy, working for a travel related website like Expedia can be equally rewarding. 

5. Start By Schooling or Working Abroad

If finding your path is a bit difficult, you can decide to apply to a college or find a job. This will serve as a safety net to fall back to Incase digital nomadism isn’t for you.

The rate of failure in this part is lower compared to being a freelancer. This might cause a longer road to becoming a digital nomad. Getting a residence permit or visa is useful if you choose this method.

6. Create Your Business

Creating your business is easier if you have been a freelancer for some time. If you’re good with what you do, getting referrals from your clients will be easy. This will increase your income streams.

To increase your reputation and reach, you can create a business card and a website. This is a good marketing strategy for your business.

If you have enough cash, you can decide to buy an already established online business. This will give you a good jump-start.

7. Choose Your First Destination

Now that you have set up your income stream, it is time to move to your first destination. There are so many possibilities across all continents of the world. Deciding on your first destination may be quite overwhelming.

You must first understand what makes you happy in a particular location. Remember to put your needs and income into consideration. This will help you find a good destination to live. You can always decide to change your destination if it doesn’t suit your taste and needs.

8. Know Where You Want to Live

After getting a destination, you also need to secure accommodation. One way to secure the right accommodation is to know the kind of accommodation you want.

If you are more of a social person, getting a hostel or a co-occupant is a great choice. This will allow you to make new friends and acquaintances. If you prefer the comfort of your privacy, you can rent out an apartment for yourself alone.

Whatever choice you make should be one that suits you.

9. Get A Plan and Stick With It

Being a digital nomad requires you to set certain plans and goals. The only way to achieve these plans and goals is to stick to the plan.

Knowing what you want is the first step to a successful digital nomad career. having an idea of where you want to visit and how long you wish to be there is part of the first step. The best part of making a plan is that you get to choose your schedule.


It’s not as easy as people make it look like on Instagram, but becoming a digital nomad is definitely doable for anyone willing to put in the effort.

The perks? Being anywhere in the world and having experiences, that most would consider surreal, on a daily basis! 



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