Besides connectivity, if there is any profitable thing the internet presents to you is the ability to earn part of, or your entire living purely from online sources. Of the many channels through which you can earn money online is Instagram. Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform in the world. Just in a few years of its existence Instagram has grown from a mere photo-sharing mobile application into a giant social media platform. Many people think to buy Instagram followers to increase their followers and engagement. This is a good technique.

As of current standing, it boasts of up to 1 billion users. With such numbers it no longer a photo-sharing app, is now a powerful marketing tool that presents you with many business opportunities. Harnessing these opportunities could see you transform your life a significant way.

How can you earn a living out Instagram this 2020?

It is simple to start. Opening a user account with Instagram, once you have an account choose a niche or area of specialization, attract the right audience, build a connection with the audience and once everything is set, you can start earning by:

Promoting affiliate links:

Affiliate marketing works such that you earn commission by promoting someone’s services or products. It is not that demanding in that with few tips you can get started and good to go! All that you need is looking for affiliate marketing programs that offer commissions for referrals. You don’t have to worry about the services or product delivery because yours is purely a promotion from where you get a kickback after a purchase is made.

Advertising brand products/ services:

If you have gained significant followers on Instagram there are brands out here dying to connect with you. Why? because they know by promoting their products or services to your followers, they get a chance of turning them into potential buyers. Brand advertising works differently from affiliate marketing since you get paid to promote products on your page as opposed to earning commissions. InternetMarketingRocks is one of the renowned companies which advertise your content and help you gain followers.

Becoming an influencer marketer.

If you are eligible for registration as an influencer you could seek brand collaborations from brands that will be willing to use your audience to reach more people at a fee. Besides collaboration, you can also earn through shoutouts, content creation, brand sponsorships and more.

Marketing sponsored posts.

Another method you could use to make money off Instagram is marketing sponsored posts. Once you have a reasonable following on Instagram let say 1 k followers you can partner with sponsor for a fee. Depending on your area of influence sponsors can ask you to sponsor their posts. You can chare these posts and this way make earn some money out of it.

Becoming a social media marketer:

If you are a frequent user of Instagram who knows the ins and outs of Instagram you could make use of this energy and get paid by becoming a social media manager. How does it work? There are a lot of businesses out there that want to harness the power of Instagram. By managing their social platform, you will help establish their brand footing on social media for a pay.



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